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'Big Brother 13' -- Which Former Housemates Returned?!

"Big Brother" returned last night -- and so did some of the show's most familiar faces!

For "Big Brother 13," only 8 new cast members were introduced at the top of the show ... leaving the housemates wondering who else would be joining them.

About halfway through the episode, they got their answer: 3 duos from past seasons!

Who were they? Brendon and Rachel from Season 12, winner Jordan and Jeff from Season 11 and winner Evel Dick and daughter Danielle from Season 8.

Happy they're back? Wish they had picked someone else? Sound off below!

Comments (3)

Lisa B. Petry:  1304 days ago

Totally freakin' awesome that Evil **** is back!!!

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Big brother fan for years!:  1304 days ago

good mix of all the oldies! Love it, was going to suck with just the new cast!

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Danielle:  1238 days ago

I was so happy to see Jordan, Jeff and Rachel at first because I’ve loved them on previous seasons. At the beginning of the season, I didn’t like Rach but now you can see her game play and she’s there to win for her dream wedding! I know some people need to play season catch up and I just found out today that it’s available online at which makes it all the better and leaves no excuse to no*****ch it. I actually have a DISH Network employee account and all you have to do to access the movie is to sign into your DISH Network online account and voila, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. There's also a ton of other content available for non-DISH customers and anyone can check it out at for more information!

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