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David Beckham Posts Revealing Photo of Wife Victoria

Although Victoria Beckham's baby bump has been under wraps for most of her pregnancy, fans got a glimpse when David Beckham posted a candid black-and-white photo of his wife sunbathing on his Facebook page.

The mom-to-be donned oversized sunglasses, a black bikini and sans her signature five-inch heels.


"Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn't looking,” David wrote. “She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!"

The photo comes after rumors Victoria was due over the July 4th weekend. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, she admitted she did not want to bare her bump on magazine covers like past expecting stars Demi Moore and Britney Spears.

Victoria is expecting the couple’s fourth child -- and first girl. The baby will join sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8 and Cruz, 5.

Oh, the shoe collection that awaits!

Comments (13)

susan :  1303 days ago

beautiful pic! but i always think she is beautiful!!

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sotiredofthis:  1303 days ago

All baby. Was hoping she would "eat something" while pregnant. Love to see filled out women who ENJOY being pregnant and know they will take the weight off when the baby comes. Mel B looks STUNNING. Mariah Carey - radiant. Victoria Beckham - pregnant.

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Sarah:  1303 days ago


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LVGroomer:  1303 days ago

She looks like a very healthy soon to be mommy! She's gonna deliver, and be back in her regular clothes within 2 hours

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Mary Reed:  1303 days ago

Fantastic Picture

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LLM:  1303 days ago

I don't believe for a second that she didn't know David was taking that picture and was planning on posting it. She does look good though.

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bluejeans:  1303 days ago

@sotiredofthis - She's healthy. Just wish her well and get on with your own life. Look at Pink - she has a ton of weight to lose. That's not necessarily a good thing!

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shea:  1303 days ago

Women that far along can't lie on their back. It's too uncomfortable. STAGED PIC!

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Stephanie:  1303 days ago

Sooo unhealthy...go figure. One of the worst things you can while pregnant is expose your stomach to the sun. Even with sunscreen, that area of your body is particularly sensitive to UV rays. Why am I not surprised?

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melissa:  1302 days ago

She looks gorgeous... anyone who thinks she's still small needs there eyes checked if you still think that way after seeing these photos here:

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Kreistina:  1300 days ago

What is up with society and being skinny while pregnant? Like seriously??? It is about being healthy and eating nutrient full food and NOT dieting.

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My2-cents:  1300 days ago

When Posh was carrying her boys she was much bigger in her face and her body.
She is not very big this time round.
Is it because she is carrying a girl this time round or is it because she now lives in Hollywood?????????

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ashley:  1295 days ago

Every pregnancy is different and every woman different during pregnancy. Just b/c she's not huge and fat so that everyone who envies her wonderful figure can laugh at her doesn't me she's not healthy (or that her baby isn't), or that she dieted during pregnancy. For those who haven't realized, pregnancy is about growing a baby, not it's mother. And sun exposure builds vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, a nutrient that pregnant women often show deficiencies of. Again, there's no reason to jump right to the assumpmtion that she's doing something horrible just because she is a beautiful pregnant woman.

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