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Prince William & Kate Go Country in Canada

All eyes have been on Kate Middleton's fashion while she's been touring North America -- and this may be her most memorable look yet!

Prince William and his new bride popped up in Calgary, Canada yesterday wearing 10 gallon cowboy hats, jeans and button-up shirts -- by far their most laid back looks so far.

The two were honored by frontier town with the two white hats when they arrived, a local tradition.

While in the city -- the last stop on their Canadian tour -- the two attended a rodeo, where Prince William started threw a barrel into a chuck wagon.

William & Kate will arrive in California today.

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Johnsey:  1297 days ago

YAWN -- who cares? What have either of these 2 done besides spend the taxpayer money on an elaborate wedding? What is so great about that? Useless waste of time these people are.

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Johnsey Supporter:  1296 days ago

No kidding. That's what most royals do!

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Carol B.:  1295 days ago

They are a nice couple, hope there marriage will last. but I am glad that they are from England
not from here. we don't need there expenace.
from Carol B. from Sedgwick Kans.

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