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Jerry Seinfeld's $18 Million Colorado Crib -- See the Photos

At the height of his career, Jerry Seinfeld was the highest paid actor in television. The 57-year-old comedian still pulls in millions from re-airings of his eponymous sitcom.

Now you can own one of his residential retreats, if you have $18,250,000. Seinfeld's crib in Telluride, Colorado sits on 26 acres of land and boasts a deck that's bigger than most homes (5,500 square feet). There are 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms on the 14,200 square foot property.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see all of the photos, courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty.

Despite it's relatively remote location, the house boasts some pretty nice amenities, including a state-of-the-art kitchen and heated four-car garage. There are natural attractions as well, including an aspen tree-lined trail down to a creek.

Shockingly, this isn't even the most expensive house in the area. There's one $19,900,000 home that boasts an indoor pool, bowling alley, and golf fairway! Another $19 million home boasts luxurious European-style interiors.

Oh, to be rich and famous!

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lilylang:  1258 days ago

Honestly, I find this level of wealth really over the top. How much energy are they burning to keep this place going? I love Seinfeld, have watched every episode, probably more than once, but Jerry and all the rest of the mega rich - get it together! Give your money to environmental groups or other charities. This level of decadence and self indulgence is not only offensive, but quite frankly, has created many of the problems in this world. I don't know how you justify having so much while others starve. Follow Bill Gates example and give it away. You'll sleep better at night.

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Robert:  1258 days ago

Gross wealth. Love to see how much actual money,
not appearances fees being waved etc... true cash that he has given to charities in the past 5 years. This is probably one of 6 homes like this that he has. His place in New York has his own car evelator for his 30 plus luxury cars he owns. You can only wear one pair of pants at a time man .

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not concerned:  1258 days ago

Why should he not buy what he wants to. How do you know how much he gives to charity. Did you ever think for a moment that the building of this house created many jobs ( the architect, landscaper, gardener, roofer, painter, contractor, trucker, supply store, staff for house etc... In addition it created a large property tax base for the county as well. How in anyway does this create "problems of the world"?

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mesh:  1258 days ago

SUcH A LOVELY HOME!!! I LOVE IT! 18 Mill is allot of $$$ BUT WORTH EVERY PEnny...

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lilylang:  1257 days ago

You make some good points regarding the jobs created but it concerns me that you are 'not concerned'. With all due respect, you ought to be concerned about an elite few that control the vast majority of the world's wealth at a time of massive climate change, nuclear fallout in Japan, Gulf oil spills, government debt, poverty, disease, starvation, domestic violence and wars. Since money runs the world, how those who are hoarding all this money, spend it is exceedingly important at a point in history of such profound global instability. As Robert pointed out, we don't know how much money Seinfeld gives to charity so let's give him the benefit of the doubt and settle this matter quickly and easily.

I am a volunteer activist, recently named a Green Hero for my efforts to protect Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence. Through this blog, I am now making a public plea to Jerry Seinfeld to donate money for a marketing campaign to raise awareness about protecting Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence from offshore oil and gas development. Six and a half times smaller than the Gulf of Mexico, our Gulf has coastlines on half of Canada's provinces, is landlocked in the south, semi-enclosed with counter clockwise currents and only empties into the Atlantic once a year. It is also one of the windiest regions in North America. Boom in a nor'easter? A dirty joke. This vulnerable, divinely beautiful ecosystem is home to over 2,000 marine species, including endangered blue whale, right whale, humpback whale, leatherback turtle, harlequin duck, piping plover etc... Dr. David Suzuki calls it "one of the most precious ecosystems on earth". ON this note, as a huge Seinfeld fan, Jerry please give money to David Suzuki Foundation (Montreal Chapter) and Sierra Club of Canada (Halifax, Ottawa and Montreal Chapters), who have worked tirelessly on a volunteer basis along with countless others in our coalitions for over a year now to protect us all from Old Harry, a proposed exploratory well in Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence. (Seismic testing proceeded last fall while endangered blue whale were migrating). Please help us raise awareness. Too Fab, I am relying on you to get this plea to Jerry.

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nancy:  1257 days ago

I cannot believe we all loved Jerry so much....he is obviously a money oriented person who gives nothing back for his stardom.......I am ashamed that I would back this person .......he went the totally other way and cares nothing about what goes on in the world, unlesss it's HIS world...Shame and your selfish wife who will take you for everything you are worth eventually.....she is biding time and you will see what she does EVENTUALLY.

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Jack:  1257 days ago

What a bunch of idiots at this site...this is America. He earned his money by being #1 in what he does and he can spend it on whatever he wants.

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Jarvis:  1257 days ago

Yeah, don't be jealous, Seinfeld earned it and WOW, what a beautiful home! DO wonder how much he uses/used it anyway. Does he cut his own lawn? LOL Not sure but at this time I believe he has anywhere from between 60 and 100 Porsche automobiles.

@lilylang...YOU too CAN be very successful IF you try as hard as Mr. Seinfeld did and still does today. He's coming to our city in Sept. so yeah he's still entertaining people even as we speak. And the p.s.....why ya looking at his beautiful digs if it offends you so much anyway???

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Jarvis:  1257 days ago

I'll add a small note about something below 1 million bucks and in Canada. Rather than posting the link I'll just direct you to Kijiji Winnipeg and you can search House For sale with the price of $900000 to $900000 which will of course provide you with one result in the neighboring province. It's a "cottage" meaning for approx. 1/2 of the year it's a frozen wasteland of lake and snow. Some would say this is a lot for a cabin but I'd say "power to the fittest and the successful. It might take longer to sell this lower priced place than it does for Mr. Seinfeld's 18 million buck spread.

I'm curious though, does anyone else know how many homes he actually has? Gotta be a few...

Kramer probably lives in a motel or something LOL

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