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AnnaLynne New BF -- 18 Years Older Than Her!

AnnaLynne McCord's got herself an older man!

The 23-year-old "90210" star was caught kissing former "Prison Break" star Dominic Purcell while between takes yesterday on set. Purcell is 41, making him 18 years her senior.

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The two looked very cozy, holding hands and nuzzling each other for the camera.

So how'd they meet? Well, both McCord and Purcell star in the upcoming film "Officer Down."

AnnaLynne last dated 26-year-old Kellan Lutz.

Check out the new couple!

Comments (10)

H:  1297 days ago

Who cares if he's older Dominic is smokin!! Loved him in Prison Break!!

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CpnObvious:  1297 days ago

I thought he'd have higher standards than that! AnnaLynne is cute but seems a bit attention-starved. Hope she's not leading the poor dude on lol

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Ally:  1297 days ago

Thought he was married.

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ghjznm:  1296 days ago

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kathy haass:  1296 days ago

Good For Her .Older Men Are Better.

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polkadotpretty:  1296 days ago

There making a movie together, this could be part of it, but they are cute together

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Gaewyn:  1296 days ago

So what!!! My man is 12 years older than me him being 32 and i'm 20!! only thing that matters is how much we love and care for each other :)

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anotherstupidtmzpost:  1296 days ago

EWWWW... but these little white hollywood chicks are all fcked up in the head so I'm not surprised.

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Joanne:  1294 days ago

Dominic Purcell is ******* hot. I would date him and Wentworth Mill at the same time.

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LisaP:  1294 days ago

Right on! I think it's great, I'd f*** him, just saying.

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