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Channing Tatum Goes Completely Bald -- Better Buzzed?

Channing Tatum has taken it all off ... his head!

media_removed_toofab 102011
The "G.I. Joe" star was spotted at an L.A. office building with a completely buzzed head -- though no word yet on what the new look is for.

Tatum has two movies lined up right now -- one, "Magic Mike," where he plays a male stripper, and another, "Love and Honour," where he'll play a soldier trying to win the affections of Catherine the Great.

What do you think of the new 'do? Click the gallery to vote -- plus see more stars who have buzzed it all off!

Comments (6)

Shannon:  1298 days ago

I think this man would look hot edven if his hair were pink with purple polka dots.

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Jessie:  1298 days ago

Who is this guy anyways? and what movies does he play in?

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Oval Beach:  1298 days ago

Oh yeah...that man could have a cow pie slapped right on his noggin and he would STILL be hot as all get out.

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Baldheaded Foo:  1298 days ago

He looks super good ok. A lot of bald-headed guyz are sexy.

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idolxx:  1269 days ago

A little too chemotherapy for my taste.

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