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Tony Romo & Candice Crawford's Wedding Video

UPDATE: Looks like whoever posted the video decided to make it private. Sorrrrrrrrry!

While we can't bring you a clean trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises," we do have one for Tony Romo and Candice Crawford's wedding. 0713_romo_large

The 3.5 minute, high-def wedding video -- which is cut like a movie trailer -- surfaced online today, featuring a Coldplay soundtrack, awkward dancing, vows and a giant confetti explosion for the bride and groom.

Candice, who is "Gossip Girl" star Chace Crawford's sister, and Romo, who once dated Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, tied the knot back in May in Dallas, Texas.

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maryl:  1296 days ago

Really pretty...but I hope it is a movie for themselves..because if it becomes a movie for everyone it should have been on TV!

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jen:  1296 days ago

im not gonna lie, im a total wedding snob and thought that this was going to be super tacky and lame, but it was kinda cool... and really sweet. id rather watch that instead of a lame life and style mag spread anyday..

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The Maharincess of Franistan:  1296 days ago

What a snooze. I can't think of two people I could care LESS about. It looked like an aryan wedding.

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Jay:  1296 days ago

I was waiting for something cheesy, but this was actually really good. I think (if they last), something like this will be nice to look back on when they're older instead o*****od awful home made video.

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KJ:  1296 days ago they NOT realize that this coldplay song is a SAD song??

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Kàt:  1296 days ago

how come we didn't have a video made like that of our wedding?

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Michele from Ohio:  1296 days ago

Always heartwarming to see people in love. I wish them the best.

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RM:  1296 days ago

This is disturbing on so many levels.

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William:  1296 days ago

I have never commented on things like this before, but I have to say that the movie clip was done extremely well. Best wishes to Candice and Tony.

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Andrea:  1296 days ago

I thought it was tastefully done and beautiful. Don't know them personally, but wish them the best.

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KMBadgio:  1296 days ago

Very clever, I see a new trend in wedding videos.

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Damon:  1296 days ago

3. What a snooze. I can't think of two people I could care LESS about. It looked like an aryan wedding.

Posted at 3:40 PM on Jul 13, 2011 by Jenna

Antonio Romiro Romo is half Mexican!

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wildcajun:  1296 days ago

very over the top that is why i cant afford a ticket to an NFL game

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wendi:  1296 days ago

looks like an expensive wedding. the video makes it all seem 'fake' somehow though

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your mom called:  1296 days ago

sucks! And why didnt they pick a more appropriate song rather than the utterly sad Coldplay son they chose?!?!? lame-o's!

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