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Guess Who This Model's Famous Parents Are!

When two good-looking celebrities have a child, odds are pretty good that their kid is good-looking too.

Just look at Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. He's got his father's fit bod, and his mother's Kennedy family good looks.

Patrick is signed with LA Models' men's division (as Patrick S.) and reportedly is the new face of Hudson Jeans, alongside another famous model offspring, Mick Jagger's daughter Georgia.

Can you identify these model's famous parents? Click the "Launch Gallery" button below and play along!


Comments (3)

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty:  1296 days ago

Someone at TMZ must have a crush on this kid. This must be the fifth time his picture has appeared on this site in the last three days.

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Lizzie:  1296 days ago

WHO was attractive??????? NOT, NOT, stupid ass Arnold the ******** n not Maria-----probably someone else is the daddy!!!!!

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Karoline:  1292 days ago

The son of Arnold's beautiful, I'll marry him!

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