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Highly Paid Private Performers -- J.Lo, Amy and More!

Jennifer Lopez is halfway around the world in the Ukraine.

No, she's not hiding from the press after splitting from husband Marc Anthony. Jenny from the bloc has gotta make a buck. Lopez is reportedly being paid $1 million to perform for a wedding (by comparison, she made about $12 million for her stint on "American Idol").

She joins an elite group of singers who are paid big bucks for private performances. Christina Aguilera reportedly made $1 million to sing for one investor's Halloween party. That comes out to about $16,666 per minute. It's rumored stars like Amy Winehouse command similar rates. Even less-established artists can do well. "American Idol" reject Pia Toscano was paid $100,000 to sing at a party just a few weeks after she was kicked off the show.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" link to see how much other stars made in private performances:


Who's on the high end of the pay scale? Celine Dion reportedly performs two or three private gigs a year, at $6.5 million a pop. Texas tycoon David Bonderman paid The Rolling Stones and John Mellancamp a whopping $7 million to perform at his 60th birthday party.

But the cake goes to The Eagles, who were paid $6 million to sing one song, "Hotel California," by an unknown benefactor. The song's total running time is six minutes and eight seconds, which means the band earned nearly $1 million a minute. Considering Michael Bolton was once paid $75,000 to sing "When a Man Loves a Woman" to the bride at a wedding, The Eagles did really good. Cha-ching!

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LuvLeeRita:  1249 days ago

RIDICULOUS amounts of money being thrown out there. Why don't these buffoons just give the money to their favorite charity, it will benefit a lot of people instead of continually lining the pockets of those who have WAY TOO MUCH already.

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Halo:  1249 days ago

I can't believe children are dying in Africa because they don't have the basic necessities in life....meanwhile, rich people are celebrating.

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Laryssa:  1249 days ago

There is no such thing as The Ukraine. Do people live in THE Canada? Or THE Italy? I don't think so.

Embarassing that a media outlet is that ignorant.

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Laryssa:  1249 days ago

As a media source you should be incredibly ashamed of yourselves for your ignorance. It is not THE Ukraine. It is simply UKRAINE. People don't live in The Canada, do they? Or The Italy?

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JUAN:  1248 days ago

that's right only THE united states had the honor of THE

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Micahel:  1247 days ago

You are dumb Laryssa. There is nothing wrong with stating THE Ukraine.

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Sal:  1247 days ago

Okay, this is off topic. But I'll throw in my 2 cents on this issue of THE. The only reason THE UNITED STATES has THE in it, is because we are a union (united) of individual STATE that make up 1 country. It used to be "These United States," then I believe Roosevelt started calling it "The United States" to show unity. So, while England or Russia may not have THE, when you have several countries come together, you use THE, such as The European Union.

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connie Pequeno:  1247 days ago

OMG it is uncomprehensable. I'm a 66 yr old single female very healthy senior citizen forced to retire at 63 due to this wonderful economy w/$1100 a month S.S., & I can't even restore my 58 Ford retractable skyliner, so I can drive it. It would probably cost around $50,000. Gee I wonder what I could do for them to earn $1 million. Clean there house, no maybe just the bathrooms. I'm a good housekeeper.. I have to borrow a car from a friend, don't even own one. Worked 2 jobs to put my son thru College. & I DID IT. These people ARE NOT worth that much money. Tell me where I could invest so I could make a million in my lifetime....what's left of it..

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Sal:  1246 days ago

Connie. Don't you know? You're the burden on society, you need to give more of your S.S. up. But these bastards get to keep every last dollar for showing up to a party.

This worlds priorities are in the wrong order...

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Hugh G. Rection:  1246 days ago

After reading this thread. I've gotten sick to my stomach and must go to...
...THE bathroom

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mike hunt:  1246 days ago

Connie, you're only 66, get yourself a new job and stop leeching off the S.S. that i'm paying. $1100 a month means you didn't work hard enough in your life to earn a decent payback. i'm only 32 and my appropriation at retirement would be more than that right now. not that it will exist because people like you try to use it as a life expense instead of an addition to the money you pissed away during your lifetime living high on the hog. hookers save up money to have a better life, why didn't you?

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Gordon:  1246 days ago

Mike you are a moron. Your 32 and obviously still have a lot to learn. How can you make a statement like that about someone without ever meeting them or fully understanding there situation.

People like you are whats wrong with this country.

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Jeremiah:  1246 days ago

Long shot but is this by chance the same Laryssa who worked at an ice cream shop in Austrailia down the street from Shakespeare's Pies?

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Caladelind:  1246 days ago

It's rumored stars like Amy Winehouse command similar rates.

Uhm... not unless she can attend from the grave, since they just found her dead!

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beelz:  1245 days ago

lol i guess we dont have to worry about amy winehouse making that kind of money anymore

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