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First Look: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer

Andrew Garfield swings into action as "The Amazing Spider-Man" -- and we've got your first look at the brand new trailer for the flick!


Judging from the trailer, the movie -- which serves as a reboot for the Spidey franchise -- hits a lot of the same marks as the 2002 film, including the origin of Peter Parker's powers and the creation of his Spidey-suit.

Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey is a welcome addition to the new flick though, replacing Kirsten Dunst's Mary Jane Watson as Peter's love interest.

We're on the fence on the trailer's closing moments -- showing Spidey flying through New York from his point of view. It looks a bit like a video game here, but could look incredible in 3D on the big screen.

The movie opens July 3, 2012.

Comments (6)

Bob H.:  1290 days ago

I probably will only rent this movie. Already paid to watch the first one that told the same story. Reminds me of The Hulk then watching The Incredible Hulk. It is bad enough that Hollywood reboots old movies but I draw the line when the reboot recent movies.

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Lonnie:  1290 days ago


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.:Loki4Ever:.:  1290 days ago

Looks like a remake of the remake, and a video game all in one. NO THANKS. EPIC FAIL

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Scott V:  1290 days ago

Whatever happen to a plan of making Spider-man 4? The remake sucks man and a big turn off. I know actors from first 3 Spider-Man movies left but how about finding someone (a look like) to continue the movie? I realized that so many Hollywood producers are not that smart and has no common sense on how to success their movies to keep the same viewers continue attending to watch their films.

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BeckerRosalind:  1289 days ago

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aceha1:  1283 days ago

Mirror's Edge, anyone?

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