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Video: Paris Hilton Walks Out of 'GMA' Interview

Paris Hilton sat down for an interview with "Good Morning America" today -- but she didn't stay seated once a few touchy questions were asked.

The line of questioning revolved around Paris' low-rated reality show and whether she was angry people like Kim Kardashian were more popular.

Paris wasn't happy, shot her publicist a look and then walked off.

She eventually returned ... and when she did, it was awkward!

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Janice:  1289 days ago

She doesn't have that youthful look anymore and it's obvious. I think the best thing for her to do at this time is to get married and have children of her own. Is she pushing 30 or over? Time flies when one lives for the flash lights... blind them and therefore lose the sense of reality that no one is interested in her any longer.

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Maria :  1289 days ago

Who is Pari******on...a spoil,brat,no-smart ,not pretty ,not class rich ho!@#$% she became a CELEBRITIE beacuse a sex tape ,who cares about her? why is she in the tabloids still? not one care about this not-brains person......

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Sara:  1289 days ago

This girl is SO OVER. All she is is a stupid wannabe heiress. Fake.

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ELLIE:  1289 days ago


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molasses:  1289 days ago

she went totally stage when coming back. people are over her and lindsay and the rest of the ladies who are "yawn" boring. big deal, money spends. sort of sad.

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SLY:  1289 days ago

"thank you" - pffft she so FAKE and insecure

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tony:  1289 days ago

shes cross-eyed...and dumb.

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Married+Mother of 2:  1289 days ago

I love her reality show - tape it every week. It entertains me. My guilty pleasure.

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Kate :  1289 days ago

In her defense. . . I can't believe I'm saying that. . .the questions were kind of rude that started it.

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leeanne:  1289 days ago

I think that everyone who is talking about how horrible the show is hasnt seen it. Its much better than the stupid BFF shows. It was more like the Brooke Mueller show and who doesnt want to see that train wreck happening?

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So What:  1289 days ago

Sweet girl you need to take your money and go. Your only good for making babies and waiting tables and I bet you would suck at that too.

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wow ew:  1289 days ago

here's a way she can re-invent herself, she's almost 30 right or...she is 30? I dont know... How about....
Get married
pop out a couple babies?(God forbid but still)

Get her family involved?
She's a boring bint no one gives a rat's ass about and always has been.(Did you see how full of **** she looked when she said she has been in this business for 15 years??? WHAT Business? The business of fame whoring? Yea and you suck at it! All your friends have moved on!Why the **** can't you?)

Doesn't help that not every one has oxygen or whatever channel her **** show is on. She needs to get over her ******* self. She's an over grown slut that bores people to death about her stories of...."oooh I have so much money for such a hoook nosed slag, envy ME!"

Grow the **** up pari******on, and maybe then....MAYBE some people will watch your shows.


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Canuck:  1289 days ago

As much as I could care less about what Pari******on is up to, it was quite obvious that your interviewer was just plain rude. Who on Earth would want to sit down to such a manipulative, one sided conversation. This is not journalism. If wanted answers to such questions, there is a way to talk around things and get the person to address your genuine concerns for their career. NOT put them on the spot and make them look bad. Poor interviewer skills. In my opinion, this just reflects bad on the ugly dude with the big nose!

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weeb:  1289 days ago

She may be a trust fund baby, she may be spoiled but that does not give anyone the right to be disrespectful to her and that jacka$$ who did the interview did disrespect her intentionally. His smug face when she walked off, he was happy. SHe held her own and showed him the respect he left in the car. She did it with class and dignity. I would have thrown his sorry jounalistic butt out of my house.

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R Farber:  1289 days ago

OH Please..... just make her go AWAY!!!

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