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First Look: 'The Walking Dead' Season 2

"The Walking Dead," AMC's post-apocalyptic horror series, was the breakout television show of 2010.

Fans lamented when it was announced the show wouldn't be returning until late 2011. Now, they have a Season 2 premiere date (October 16th) and an extended trailer, which just premiered at Comic-Con. Watch it below (warning, graphic content):

The trailer picks up from the Season 1 finale, where a small band is trying to flee a zombie-infested Atlanta. It appears there will be dissension in the ranks, and when the group is attacked by a large mob of zombies on a freeway with nowhere to go, carnage ensues.

Are you excited about "The Walking Dead" Season 2? Sound off in the comments below!

Comments (9)

some guy:  1283 days ago

I watched every episode of the first season religiously. More than once.

Can't wait for the second season.

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Joe:  1283 days ago

I just finished watching this preview and I'm already hooked. I just hope they have a better ending for season 2.

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Corii:  1283 days ago

Ahhhhh I can't wait for season 2!! :D

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L:  1283 days ago

I'm excited about Season 2! The first season was great and now that I'm familiar with the story line and the characters, makes me look forward to the next season even more...

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CASH:  1283 days ago

Television done right! excellent acting and superior writing. CAN'T WAIT

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Nur:  1283 days ago

AMAZING! WOW...JUST WOW! thank you lord!

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big al:  1283 days ago


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V:  1283 days ago

Season was just the tip...I sooooooo can't wait for October. Dang I want to be a zombie

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Shirley PACHECO:  1283 days ago

Oh, please.

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