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Photos: New Mom Mariah Carey Has Girls Night Out!

Mariah Carey took a few hours off from motherhood on Thursday and stepped out solo for a night without the kids or hubby Nick Cannon.

Mimi was spotted at Juliet Supperclub in NYC last night, where she was flanked by a couple lady friends on her way inside.

A source tells TooFab Mariah "had a great time" and she was "very friendly" with the crowd, who went crazy when she walked in.

Due to the wild crazy crowd, we're told Carey had security escort her to the bathroom -- and at one point, she had a bottle of champagne delivered to her group. of the Black Eyed Peas was in the house too.

We're told Carey didn't take off until 2:30AM.

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debschira :  1283 days ago

seriously? should she really be doing that considering her twins r barely 3 mths old? My opinion (entitled to it) is she is selfish and i see putting her "fun" before her kids (and Nick) as a Warning sign. women everywhere give birth every day and im sure they are not out till 2:30 in the morning w/out their husbands. give me a break, my opinion there's a divorce heading down the Ugly Path and Nick will wind up with the Kids. How's that? anyone care for rebuttal (i know im the only one commented so far)

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Nena:  1283 days ago

Debschira..i think you are just another judgemental idiot. Her babies are 3 months...and she deserves a night out with the girls. Do you have kids? because i do and after 9 months of being pregnany and another 3 catering to your babies can definatley become overwhelming and mom's do need a break sometimes. Women are not supposed to be latched to their children 24/7. The dad is a parent too and is perfectly capable of watching the babies so she can have some adult time with friends. Not to mention that they probably have nannies that can help while she is out. If there were stories of her partying daily and always out n about without the babies or hubby then could call her selfish , but for God's sake it her first time out and you sound like a complete moron!

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Willa:  1283 days ago

If she was drinking hopefully she was doing it in moderation. It is healthy do have a night out. She loves her kids. She has wanted them for so long. It's not like she had them 3 weeks ago and decided to hit the clubs.

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J:  1283 days ago must be an uneducated mule. Thank you Nena for saying what you said. Congrats to Mariah on her babies and I am glad that she had a good time.

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HotMimi:  1283 days ago

STFU debschira!

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ingrid:  1283 days ago

Who cares!

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Ash:  1283 days ago

hahaha People chill out and worry about your own kids and if you don't have any then shut up!!!

I'm pretty sure she didn't leave her kids in a running car in some parking garage. Or with the strage neighbor next door!

It's probably safe to say that the kids were home safe with daddy!!

Everyone is intitled to happiness and fun!

Hope you had a good night MIMI!

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Brad:  1283 days ago

all of you should chill out. It was a private event for a company and she was paid to be there. She doesn't even know the girlfriends who are with her in the pictures.

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John:  1283 days ago

There are more pics of her that night with water in her hand. It's not like she was out gettin crunk.

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Lea:  1283 days ago

Debschira, first of all, she hasn't been seen out of the house for months after she got the babies except a week ago when she went to work out. Is she not suppose to get out of the house at all anymore? Second of all, she was pictured drinking a bottle of WATER that night (not that she can't drink alcohol if she wants). She's a mother,

Here's that pic

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disbizz:  1283 days ago

everyone CALM down about her parenting!! shes doing great as a mom, im sure!!


Girl you better WERKK DAHHHLING

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wow ew:  1283 days ago

I find it hard to believe she's in her 40s. She looks great. And knowing Mariah Carey, she seems more like the perfectionist workaholic then out at the club dead beat mom to me.

She seems like she deserves to go out with out the kids and the hubby once in a while.

I believe all new moms need some alone time to regroup and re appreciate their new families.

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Bastian:  1283 days ago

It's perfectly healthy for a mother to have a little break from her children.
It also gives some alone time for Nick and the twins.

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Jimmy:  1282 days ago

Hey debschira, maybe you don't have kids, maybe you do, apparently though, if you do, you must be with them 24/7. I am a guy and don't have kids, but I have 3 sisters who do have kids and I have seen firsthand that all mothers need a break from their kids at some point! The babies are 3 months old, Nick is their father and is perfectly capable of watching them while Mariah goes out and has a good time. She wasn't able to do that for 9 months while she was pregnant, so she is certainly entitled to a night out once in a while!! On a different note, Mariah looks amazing!!

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lyn:  1280 days ago

she should look good. if you had all the help she has. what time does she even get up. how many times has she even changed them? sure she only sees them when they are not crying and all dressed up.

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