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Inside Kim Kardashian's Bachelorette Party in Vegas!

Kim Kardashian and fiance Kris Humphries celebrated their bachelorette and bachelor parties last night in Las Vegas -- and we've got photos from inside both of them!

Kardashian held her girls night out at Tao Las Vegas, where she was joined by sisters Kourtney, Khloe and mom Kris, as well as celeb friends like LaLa Vazquez, Brittny Gastineau and Robin Antin. The groom-to-be's sister Kayla Humphries also attended.

Khloe had set out to embarrass her sister and it sounds like she may have succeeded -- as there was reportedly a little person stripper and phallic straws. Kim also wore a sash and crown through the night.

Kris was close by, celebrating his night at Lavo Las Vegas with Khloe's husband Lamar Odom, Kim's brother Robert Kardashian and Kourtney's baby daddy Scott Disick. Also in attendance were some of Kris' New Jersey Nets teammates like Jordan Farmar.

Kris was giving a cake saying "Property of Kim Kardashian for Life" -- but that wasn't his only surprise of the night. Around 2AM, his bride-to-be made a surprise visit to the club, where Kris instantly gave Kim a huge kiss for the crowd.

Kim definitely enjoyed her night out, tweeting after "Amazing nite! DJVice killed it! The ladies shut down Tao."

The couple is set to marry August 20.

Comments (21)

Woot:  1288 days ago

That is one fugly dress, Kim.

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Keith:  1288 days ago

Her and her family are such low life's. Why cover this garbage?

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IN MY OPINION:  1288 days ago

Not only has she been around the block enough, she has been married before so WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL about this wedding?

At least with Khloe, it was her first marriage (and I think Lamar's as well), but Kim is an old has been that needs to start acting her age.

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Rhonda:  1288 days ago

Why all the hate?...everything this family does gets if you don't like what you see hear or read don't look...simple as that! They deserve a life just like the rest of us...and does anyone think they care about your opinion...seriously?

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gigi:  1288 days ago

Pleeeeeese. This marriage is done in two years. This is such a joke like she is some ROYALTY of America. Every woman whose daughter worships them should tell their child exactly why we even know her name. I would if I had a child. They're opinions mean nothing to the world. Their fashion sense sucks. The only one educated is Kourtney and her self esteem is in the garbage. I would never let my daughter worship these pigs.

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becteaches:  1288 days ago

love how people who insult her can't even use correct grammar. her and her family? low life's? go back to second grade

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Love Star Wars:  1288 days ago

This "girl" doesn't understand the true meaning of taking a vow before God to commit to a marriage.

She just wants publicity/attention. She is a porn star. Nothing more - nothing less.

Her mother is a disgrace. Too much makeup and too much Chanel. Too much time loving her appearance in the mirror.

She is Ryan Seacrests' ***hag.

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jpierce26:  1287 days ago

So she gets to have her party then go ruins his.....yep, ball and chain out.

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Biter:  1287 days ago

Seriously ppl stop hatin...get a I always say LOVE DA HATERS!

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TXluvsMJ2:  1287 days ago

I agree with another poster: she ruined his party. The whole idea of these parties is to cut loose one last time without your future ball and chain there keeping tabs on you.

Poor guy. I don't see how anyone can think he's winning something special when so many guys have been there before.

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Alexus:  1287 days ago

How can one avoid this family? They blast it on your internet front page, several magazine's ( that I won't buy, but when in check-out there they are) & all over T.V. Did I forget anything? It is true what everyone said on here. Both sides. I do think it's hard not to have an opinion since they are pretty much rammed down our throat. She did get her start in a disgusting way. Even Pari******on said Kim used her for publicity when she was coming on to the scene. I do feel they are an example of what's wrong with America & how certain types worship them. I didn't say they were entirely what's wrong, so don't go saying I did. Why do you think Europe & other countries make fun of Americans. They feel we have been dumbed down by all this crap. It's true. Stop caring about people who really don't do ANYTHING to help world issus. This is why I LOVE Angelina Jolie, she puts her money where her mouth is & she's a true beauty. She's just one celebrity example.

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PAVAN KALYAN:  1287 days ago

ITS ALL ABOUT -----------

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BABISHA:  1286 days ago

ilove the kardashions especially i wish u the best this time fight for this marriage because alot a persons r expecting u to fail.i love u too just give this your all and i hope your husband gives you is all ,take care of each otherand always pray because god anwers prayers

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theboogs87:  1285 days ago

Look, I totally understand how so many of you out there feel; who cares about this fame hungry family? What have any of them, other than Bruce, actually accomplished? How are these people famous? Why do people pay attention? Etc. However, by going on this type of site and posting hating comments, you just look like another jealous little girl whom needs some lessons in self-teem 101.

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