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Da Brat Gets a Sexy, Stylish Makeover for VIBE

Usually decked out in dreads, bandanas, baseball caps and baggy clothing, Da Brat isn't really known for being the most feminine star out there -- until now.

The rapper goes glam in a surprising new photo shoot for, trading in her tomboy style for something a little more chic.

Da Brat says she was comfortable with the new look, telling VIBE "I loved to get glammed up. I love manis and pedis. I like to go to Vicky Secrets and La Perla because I like lace and bikinis. I’m such a P.Y.T."

The singer, who has a new mixtape out now, encourages women to "Be who you are" and adds that she loves "all parts of my body."

Check out more from Da Brat over at VIBE's website.

Comments (17)

Palm Beach, FL:  1281 days ago

OMG, she's stunning.

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helen:  1281 days ago

The Brat looks fabulous, who knew she was so beautiful out of those farmer clothes.

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E. Mayer:  1281 days ago

If you put a dress on a dog, it's still a dog.

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candace:  1281 days ago

She is soooooo gorgeous, she has a beautiful face.

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efbeenie:  1281 days ago

She a washed up has been that wasn't that talented to begin with. Ask her and she seems to think she's god gift. Her 15 minutes are so far gone, dissapear already dammit!!!

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Jus:  1281 days ago

OMG! She looks absolutely beautiful. Lisa Raye must've had something to do with this.

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Barbara Barton:  1281 days ago

Who Knew!!!

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Yvetteshel:  1281 days ago


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kbn:  1281 days ago

OMG she looks great!

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Mike:  1281 days ago

I can't believe this is a story on every Blog... I hope she isn't trying to front like she isn't what we know she is, she waits til 37 y/o to pretend to be girly?

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chrissy:  1281 days ago

I have never liked her but she is stunning whens he cleans herself up, I never new she looked so good. Sad she prefers to dress and act ghetto

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Nikki:  1281 days ago

I didn't know she was a singer or wore dreads..y'all need to get your facts....this isn't the first time she's showed her femine side, she has beautiful bone structure!

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Robert:  1281 days ago

Her skin has been lightened - a sad trend among African American females in the entertainment industry.

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andria :  1281 days ago

WOW! Georgous,, beautiful, GIRL yOU CLEAN UP WELL!!


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