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Katy Perry Debuts Blonde 'Do at 'Smurfs' Premiere

Katy Perry is copying her Smurfette alter-ego -- and is now rocking blonde hair too!

The singer, who voices the female Smurf in the new movie, debuted her lighter locks out on the red blue carpet last night for the flick's NYC premiere.

Perry was recently seen out with red hair -- but promised it was only a step on her way to a different color.

Katy didn't just stop with her Smurf pride at her hair though, as she also wore a short, cute dress with her on-screen counterpart bedazzled on the front.

Joining Perry on the blue carpet were her co-stars Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara and Hank Azaria -- as well as Melissa Joan Hart, Tim Gunn, Brooke Shields and Jeff Foxworthy.

What do you think of Katy's new hair? Better brunette?

Plus, check out other stars that have gone light and dark!

Comments (6)

Random Fan:  1280 days ago

I think her new color is wonderful, especially since it's close to her natural color (or so I've read). It brings out her eyes and makes her complexion look radiant. I think she looks much prettier with this hair color.

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brunette:  1280 days ago

Not another unrecognisable blonde. Don't look like every other bland blonde bimbette in Hollywood Katy PLEASE. The black hair makes your eyes even more blue and makes you stand out from the crowd.Too much eye make up for blonde here too. No likey.

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KRISTIE:  1279 days ago


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B,King:  1279 days ago

So much sexier with brown hair(imo). I really hope this was just for the premier.

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Madison:  1278 days ago

I think ur Blonde hair brings out ur eyes, but maybe to much makeup though :)

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