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Mariah Carey's Hilarious HSN Appearance

Mariah Carey may have her hands full with twins Moroccan and Monroe, but the 41-year-old singer has another baby: her Home Shopping Network line.
Mimi appeared on HSN Sunday night to hawk her wares, which ranged from jewelry to fragrances to shoes. She filled two hours worth of air time complaining about her pregnancy, swatting away invisible "butterflies," calling people "darling" and inventing words like "camouflagian."

The normally camera-loving star seemed uncomfortable with her post-baby weight, telling the cameras when to cut away from her and barking orders at the models. The geniuses over at Gawker pulled all her best moments into one clip:

This tops her loopy, repetitious performances from November, but you could've blamed those on all the hormones. Relive all the hilarity below:

Once a diva, always a diva!

Comments (48)

Tiffany:  1280 days ago

omg she is sooooo annoying!!!!!!!

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Elizabeth:  1280 days ago

What a moron. Not a more-on, Mariah.

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A Real Lawyer:  1280 days ago

This isn't news! She's always been a diva and acted like an entitled, self-absorbed, spoiled brat. This isn't anything new.

I never liked her and never will.

No one cares about you Mariah. You're so 90's. You're done.

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Sena:  1280 days ago

Okay - I understand she can be annoying, but who had the time to piece together over 7 minutes of what she said?? I mean geez already. I think we get the point after about 2 minutes thanks.

As a side thought, I think I now feel so sorry for Nick having to go through 9 months of THAT. I can't imagine what patience a person has to have. Eek!

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Jack920:  1280 days ago

Something about MC has always rubbed me the wrong way. I had hope becoming a mother would "soften" her a bit but it looks like she's just as crazy as ever. I really feel sorry for her kids and her husband.

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hilary:  1280 days ago

what was she even talking about? All i heard was DONT PUT THAT CAMERA ON ME!*then a godzilla scream*

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TESSA:  1280 days ago


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Tinalouise:  1280 days ago

Wow...what an idiot! What about how lucky you are to have two beautiful, healthy babies?? Did she say anything about them that was good or positive?? Ugh.. I do not like her.

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Elroy:  1280 days ago

This is a string of comments put together that she made over the course of an hour show.Could have been a 2 hour slot! She's selling items and chatting with her co-host and random callers who actually think she would remember them from a call they made a year ago (wtf?), she has the director talking into her earpiece, she's watching the models and her products which she has a ton of ... I think she did GREAT! She also kept it real talking about her kids and was self depricating (which divas rarely are) when talking about how big her feet got while pregnant. This was also on at like 2 AM and she had already done an rearly segment. Dang people, give a bitch a break!

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Chase:  1280 days ago

"That microphone just fell off my body." Ummm, no sweetie, it jumped to it's death. I don't blame it. She is the most PHONY, VAPID, sad excuse for a human being on Earth. I guess this is what you do when NO ONE, not even her 'piglets'...errrr, I mean LAMBS, buy her sorry excuse for music anymore.

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yolanda :  1280 days ago

Complain all you want M.C. You just had 2 babies!
The haters "hate" when you are real. The haters "hate" when others are fake. They are never happy. Be true to yourself. Do your thing. Never mind them.

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Stephanie:  1280 days ago

Take those babies away from that selfish bitch!

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aurora:  1280 days ago

how can anyone stand her???? I just can't imagine being her husband, her mother, her child, her anything....eeeek! Send her to "human being" school so she can get closer to being one!

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Tinalouise:  1280 days ago

It is so odd to me that she keeps telling the camera guy not to get her in the shot. How insecure is she about her body that she would really be over the top like that? In a way that part of it is sad.

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isi:  1280 days ago

Those who say negative things against anyone are only being jealous and inferior as well as insecure.You have no reason to hate or judge Maria, you only chose to see her as your superior and competition.Learn to love and be happy with those who are successful, and pray that God make you successful as well.By hating you are only giving yourself heartache.

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