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Rachel Zoe Spoils Baby With Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag

Rachel Zoe loves luxury, and it looks like she's passing her passion for high-end fashion along to her 4-month-old son Skyler.


The stylist to the stars tweeted, "Is Skyler to young too have his first LV? So MAJ for a new diaper bag! DIE! Thoughts? XoRZ” with the accompanying photo (see above).

The $1100 diaper bag is monogrammed with Skyer's initials (his full name is Skyler Morrison Berman). It doesn't look like she paid for the bag, adding "Sending a big, stylish thank you to for Skyler's insane gift on his 4 month birthday! :)"

Insane? Pretty much.

Perhaps when Skyler is old enough for school, he'll take this $40,000 backpack.

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