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First Photos: Josh Duhamel Returns to 'All My Children'

Josh Duhamel is returning to daytime TV -- and we've got the first shots of him back in action on "All My Children."

Though Duhamel's character on the show, Leo du Pres, allegedly died in 2003 after falling into a waterfall, he'll return in August. At the time of Leo's "death," a body was never found.

In some sneak peek pics from Josh's return, he's seen getting cozy with Rebecca Budig, who plays Leo's girlfriend Greenlee.

Duhamel's return comes as the show comes to a close on ABC, with its final episode airing September 23, 2011. The show will continue to air new episodes online.

Check out the preview pics above!

Comments (2)

alletis:  1285 days ago

Looks like he is in OakHaven with the rest of the people that were supposed to be dead. Part of his brother David's secret project?

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Liliana:  1282 days ago

First of all, Rebecca Budig plays Greenlee, Leo's WIFE, not girlfriend. They were very much married at the time of his supposed "death", which was in October of 2002, not 2003. I've been waiting almost 9 years for Leo to come back for Greenlee and take her away from Pine Valley to live happily-ever-after. But unfortunately, I doubt that's what I'm going to see. As usual, the writers have gotten it all WRONG--again! As excited as I am to see Josh & Rebecca back on screen together, I read that Leo will NOT be sweeping Greenlee off her feet and taking her away from her current husband Ryan. So, in light of that disappointing bit of info, I just have to ask, what's the point of Leo coming back, if not for his true love? I mean, why did they even bother?

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