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It's Over: Kat Von D and Jesse James Split!

Another engagement bites the dust: Kat Von D and Jesse James have split.

The couple, who got engaged back in January, have gone their separate ways -- with Kat breaking the news herself last night on her Twitter.

"I am no longer w Jesse, and out of respect for him, his family and myself, thats all the info I'd like to share. Thanks for respecting that," she writes.

Of the split, Jesse tells PEOPLE "I'm so sad because I really love her. The distance between us was just too much."

FYI: Jesse lives in Austin, Kat lives in Los Angeles.

The two started dating back in August, a couple months after his divorce with Sandra Bullock was finalized.

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NYC:  1287 days ago




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Melissa:  1287 days ago

I feel sure that absolutely NO ONE is surprised by this one.

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jpierce26:  1287 days ago

The break up is sad, but what goesaround comes around. With the money that these two make, one should have moved closer if that really was the issue. The real reason these too split....Kat was a rebound for Jesse after the split with Sandra. Someone to crush the blow of what was going on and a new thing to focus on rather then his real problems. I feel sorry for Kat.

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Jill frm Jerz:  1287 days ago

I think that her even going out w/him in the 1st place was ridiculous, he had just cheated on someone way above his level, who loved him 4 what reason? Dont know why. He sounds like a little boy who hasn't hit the PUBERTY stage yet. Lol.. AND "Kat Von D", you get in a relationshipw/her and your doomed automatically. HOW MANY MEN HAS SHE BEEN MARRIED 2, ENGAGED 2, HAD ON HER SHOW AS HER '1 AND ONLY'? She is GROSS. And letting all her relationships be seen on her show only to have her get dumped over and over... TRASH meet TRASHY :P *gag*

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JLRN:  1287 days ago

Look out Nikki Sixx; Kat is on the prowl again. I thought she and Jesse were soul mates. Guess Jesse just can't satisfy any woman. How long before he writes a book about this relationship, and he starts trashing Kat. They both deserve to be alone and sad for the rest of there lives.

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IN MY OPINION:  1287 days ago

He will never marry again. He lost the best thing that happened to him, and he blew it like an idiot.

Who in their right mind would trust this guy?

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ELI:  1287 days ago

Jesse James is such old news!

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lily:  1287 days ago

They blame the distance? Why the hell did Jesse move to Texas in the first place? Sandra wants nothing to do with his kids or him. Why is he there? Creepy stalker. Just move back to LA.

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cognitive dissonance:  1287 days ago

ho puts on a ton of make up. i would like to see her el natural...

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Lori:  1287 days ago

Karma is a bitch,what comes around goes around!Hows that feel.

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theresa:  1287 days ago

have to say i don't feel bad for kat at all! she was sooo smug about his relationship with sandra! what goes around comes around! not for nothing...he left los angelos to be closer to SANDRA!! and that's who you want to be with? really kat?

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justsaying:  1287 days ago

ha ha ha ha haha ha hahahaha ha ha ha ha.....(I can't breathe...) haha ha hahaha ha ha ha ha ha......

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Tinalouise:  1287 days ago

I honestly don't think he is capable of ever truly loving anyone. He needs therapy for issues inflicted during his childhood and has such self hatred that he will jeopardize any relationship he is in. There will always be turmoil for him unless he gets help.

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mat:  1287 days ago

Now Jesse can write another book and do the talk show rounds trashing Kat.

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Beautylicious82:  1287 days ago

He couldn't keep his "thing" in his pants while married to Sandra what makes you think he could do the same in a long term relationship. Not shocked they are spilt up for whatever reasson it would be.

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