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Kat Von D's Pre-Split Tattoo: Jesse James' Face!

Kat Von D has many tattoos, but she recently got one she's probably regretting right about now: Jesse James' face!

In a sneak peek clip from the new season of "LA Ink," filmed way before Kat and James split, the tattoo artist surprises her man by showing him her latest ink -- which was a school portrait of him from the fifth grade.

"You're crazy!" Jesse says upon seeing her new body art, before telling Kat "I love you."

Kat was definitely nervous -- telling Jesse "I thought you were going to tell me you're breaking up with me" after seeing it.

The two announced their split Monday night, blaming distance. Jesse lives in Austin, Kat lives in L.A.

The new season of "LA Ink" -- which will feature Jesse prominently -- debuts Thursday night on TLC.

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IN MY OPINION:  1279 days ago


Why would she do that to her body? As a tattoo artist, she should have known better.

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Sunny:  1279 days ago

That is why you never, NEVER, tattoo the face or name of a lover on you! Your kids, sure...they will always be your kids. Your parents, sure...same thing. But relationships seem to come and go in this day and age, and the last thing I want on my body is a permanent reminder of a relationship gone sour!

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Rea:  1279 days ago

I feel so bad for this girl sometimes, this is the second face tattoo of someone on her body who left her soon after. First there's the GIANT pixie face she has and now this jackass. ugh, kat! I know you want love but this isn't the way to go about it .

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Mike:  1279 days ago

She talks alot of blah,blah and is very insecure of herself--always questioning everything she does--so pathetic..Then to see her with her daddy--jesse--she acts and looks like a little baby girl....Grow up girl and get some balls...

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Kristol:  1279 days ago

Ok so first of all Kat is an all around awesome person. I get why she did it. May have been bad timing but no one except her and jesse really know the full on details of the split up. Its between them and its her body. She can do what she wants with it. Just like anyone else in this world. We all have to live with the things we do. So we should all just be here to support her.

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Laurie:  1279 days ago

As a fan of Kat, I am so sorry that her and Jesse did not work out. I wish them both the best!

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ruben..:  1279 days ago

haha what a dum-ass,,,used to actually like this she gonna have a new man for every season of her show??>>and continue to make a fool of herself..and whats up with kat walking out on good day la ...u lost a fan kat..

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Nancy:  1279 days ago

I just dont get how she always promoted NOT getting a mans name on you its bad luck or whatever and she has gotten numerous and its not worked out.. why would she keep doing this? her body is so beautiful and these guys dont deserve her.

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RuthHouston:  1279 days ago

Kat von D may have suspected Jesse James of infidelity. An eyewitness heard Kat von D agruing w with Jesse about another woman the day before they split. Details in the article below.

Kat Von D Fights with Jesse James Over Suspected Infidelity Hours Before Split

Also, check the article below for other reasons Kat von D and Jesse James broke up. The REAL reasons are not what Jesse James wants people to believe.

The REAL Reasons Why Jesse James and Kat von D Finally Split Up

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CELINE:  1279 days ago

AAAAAAAAAAAhahhahahahahahaha! Loser!!!

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p jardell:  1279 days ago

2 sleazy and low class people. They deserved each other.
Now they can get on with their sleazy and low class lives and make other people miserable.

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Annette:  1278 days ago

I feel bad for Kat but it's clear that she is an insecure girl. Hopefully she learns from this and uses this lesson to better her love life and realize that she is a great catch. It just sucks that men like Jesse exits in this world.

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Marilyn:  1278 days ago

Wow she is going to look pretty stupid on her show. Didn't she profess love last year too? I heard her comment on how careful she is to fall in love..ummmm don't think so.

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me:  1278 days ago

im going to get a tattoo of jessica alba and say we broke up in the past. hahaha.

this is a publicity stunt. Shes not a stupid girl, shes actually very smart for her age. Work it girl! Whats next? a weight loss show? do it!!!!

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guest119:  1278 days ago

She has her ex hub name on her neck ...and got a tat that Nikki Sixx already had and now this troll's face is inked on her. Not a big surprise, she has boundaries issues and claims "True Love" every other year.

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