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Ke$ha Cleans Up in New Terry Richardson Pics!

Ever wondered what Ke$ha would look like if you took away the pounds of glitter, feather extensions, extreme eye makeup and dirty hair? Well, search no further!

The singer posted the above photos on her Twitter today, showing a cleaned up version of the pop star, looking ... dare we say it ... normal!

The pics were taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson.

What do you think of the makeover? Sound off below!

Comments (8)

Janet:  1279 days ago

She looks gorgeous. Very fresh.

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Amy:  1279 days ago

Wow! Who knew she was so naturally pretty under all the crap she usually wears!? I hope she decides to give the new look a chance...or she could be like my dog when we bring her home from the groomers with bows in her fur... immediately rolling in the dirt!

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tlcmk:  1279 days ago

Hate to say it, but she just does not have a good enough voice to pull off the clean look. Might help her with an acting career.

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Jack R. M.:  1279 days ago

Ke$ha looks really nice without the glitter makeup. Last time I saw a picture of her without the makeup, it was as a rumor photo, I think.

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Superman:  1279 days ago

She looks a lot better natural! And get rid of that "Ke$ha" dumbass name!

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barney:  1278 days ago

She looks great without all of the make up on her face.Big improvement.She should leave the makeup off all the time.

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Megan:  1278 days ago

She should stay the same with the glitter and all that just sayin!

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Kevin:  1278 days ago

@Superman Kesha is her real name, actually.

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