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Check Out Lady Gaga's Latest Racy Outfit!

Lady Gaga has taken the plunge!

media_removed_toofab 102011
The pop star left her hotel in West Hollywood yesterday in a dress with one seriously plunging neckline.

Gaga showed off her assets outside of the Chateau Marmont, where tons of fans were waiting to get a glimpse of her before she went to Jimmy Kimmel.

We're told Gaga sent McDonald's to the fans while they waited.

At Kimmel, Gaga gave back to her fans too. After performing three songs for the late night show and their online site, LG performed 2 additional songs for the crowd -- playing "Edge of Glory," "You and I," "Born This Way," "Hair" and "Judas."

See more photos above, and watch her killer "You and I" performance below.

Comments (10)

Becky :  1282 days ago

Who designs her clothes?

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Bryan Rogers:  1282 days ago

WHAT A FREAK!! It seems that the more ridicules your actions the more publicity and money you seem to make. Does anyone ever wonder what the long term effects this is going to have on our youth, or does everyone just think the world owes them something. This GREAT country has been resting on the accomplishments of our older generation long enough. It is time that Hollywood and the rest of the “Do whatever you want it is OK and I will make money off of you looking and acting stupid” executives need to do something positive for the nation. Why don’t these people make being smart and doing good “cool”? Today’s latch key kids will follow whatever is put in front of them on the TV, so why not show a kid busting his butt to get into a good school, or show a young soldier in his daily routine? Hollywood is selling the future of this country for spending money today. Show me a Chinese Lady Gaga, their youth is focused on education and not shaming their family. Do these people even know the meaning of the word “shame”? Words like honor, integrity, hard work are just words that should be on the endangered species list. Today we just put a set of fake boobs on a girl with no morals and pay her a lot of money to attract attention and act slutty and then ask her about political issues. The day of the politically correct leader has past. This county needs a leader that understand he/she will have to make a large portion of folks mad before this country can rebound and be a great place for our kids and grandkids

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Dixie:  1282 days ago

Am I missing something? Are droopy boobs on display sexy? Must be getting 'mature.'

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RobertFTL:  1282 days ago

I think she is fabulous and extremely talented.

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dadudedd:  1282 days ago

Well, at least his penis wasn't showing.
That's a relief.

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John Walker:  1282 days ago

Lady Ga Ga. I you say "WHORE" or is she ugly or what????

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Mikki:  1281 days ago

Mother Monster looks great! I love how much she cares about her fans. I know some people are getting tired of it, but I love to see what outfit she's going wear next.

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bill:  1281 days ago

shes a nice girl, with a good sense of how to stay in the media light, and has added fans as a result. id say weird is good business.

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SpikeyHead630:  1281 days ago

she never ceases to amaze me! I went to her best buy signing, where she signed EVERY SINGLE PERSON's album along with having a conversation with each person and hugging everyone who made an outfit like hers. She also bought pizza for all of the people in line who had been waiting for hours!

Now she buys mcdonalds for her fans AND performs extra songs on Jimmy Kimmel?! This beyotch is on FIIIIIRE!!! It's so refreshing to see someone who loves what they do and does it well! ;) Bless her holiness

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DrLoveToe:  1280 days ago

Madonna 2.0

We've seen it already. Next.

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