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Video: Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo's Wedding Vows

Hope Jessica Simpson steered clear of TLC last night, because the televised wedding of her ex-husband Nick Lachey to new bride Vanessa Minnillo was a romantic one.

"Nick and Vanessa's Dream Wedding" aired on Saturday with a two hour special on TLC, showing the couple as they planned their nuptials and the ceremony itself.

The duo, who tied the knot earlier this month, decided to write their own vows for the wedding, which you can watch above.

Both Nick and Vanessa couldn't keep the tears in as they read their vows to each other, Nick telling his bride "I am blessed and honored to take you as my wife, you are the answer to my every question ... I can't promise you I will be a perfect husband, but I can promise you that I will always strive to be. I love you."

Vanessa had quite the romantic vows too, telling him "You are the most generous person I've ever met, especially with your feelings and your love ... I am committed to you always and forever as your friend as as your loving wife. I love you."

And with that, they exchanged rings and sealed it with a kiss.

Re-watch the vows and kiss above!

Comments (13)

Abby:  1280 days ago

And you know this how????

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Sydney:  1280 days ago

Wow! How beautiful. They were together for 5 years prior to this wedding. It is love and I feel strongly that this is a lasting marriage. Nick got it right this time.

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Kristin:  1280 days ago


How can you say such a horrible thing about somebody you obviously "Do Not Even know"... Why cant you just be happy for them instead of attempting to spread such jealousy & hate. Let some light into your heart and maybe you too will one day be loved and share such happiness with somebody as they do. ;)

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mari:  1280 days ago

Yes it was emotional BUT!!! if u ever saw the wedding footage from nick & jessicas wedding.... the minute he sees jessica for the first time as she walks down the isle wow!!!! the look in his eyes.... way deeper than the way he looked at Vanessa! Jessica was his true love for sure! i get thats the past n i hope they make it... but review the footage u will see!!!!!

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South Beach:  1280 days ago

I did watch this, and Nick came across as a really grounded, nice guy. I could have done without his statement that she promised after they were married that there would be oral play on the menu, but not before.

Come on Nick, you really believe that?

Good luck to both of them either way, marriage is tough.

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Joyce:  1280 days ago

Jerry, is you real name Jessica? :) I think this is a classy couple, that had a classy wedding and quite frankly, you life must be pretty sad if all you can do is 'report what you hear.' By Jessica

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Wand:  1280 days ago

I believe this time he chose with his head on his shoulders... Congrats

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Ommpaloompa:  1280 days ago

Haters!!! This wedding special was really groovy!! I really like them as a couple and don'tg forget to watch the new season of Wipeout!! That show rocks!! Hippie for life.

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ann:  1280 days ago

You can see the love Vannessa has for Nick!! I see Nick as a new humble man!! you could see his mature attitude!!! He is no longer that naive man who believed the hoopla of happily ever after!!! i wish them lots of happiness and everlasting love!!!

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Suzy Q... :  1280 days ago

I watched the Nick and Vanessa wedding special.. You can see that they are both soooo IN LOVE:) I'm so happy for them..

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E Cole:  1279 days ago


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debi:  1279 days ago

Love isnt anything someone from the outside has the right to comment on. He loved Jess and they got married. He now loves Vanessa and they have also now marrried. If people spent the 3 or 4 min looking deeper into there own life and not commenting on theres................ life would be good

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lulu:  1278 days ago

That was a very beautiful wedding and so were the vows. I liked when Vanessa said I'll be your encourager. Her vow to Nick was amazing. I hope God blesses these two to stay married.

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