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Jordin Sparks Reveals New Rib Cage Tattoo

Jordin Sparks is rocking a new bod these days -- and already inking it up!

Jordin Sparks' photo New tat on my rib cage...'Respira'. I love it. :)
Jordin Sparks on WhoSay

The "Tattoo" singer showed off a new one on Saturday, posting the above photo on her WhoSay account.

The rib cage art says the word "Respira." "Respira'= Breathe," she writes on her Twitter. "It's for my time on ITH, the people I met there & a reminder to take a moment when things get crazy."

The new tattoo is one of many for the "American Idol" winner, who also has her brother's initials behind her left ear, a dove on her side and a star on her right finger, among others.

Check out more inked up stars below:

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Comments (2)

EE:  1274 days ago

After she lost the weight she turned into the typical crappy tatted up singer. lame.

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Sketch:  1273 days ago

I for one think its cool that she got the ink. if thats what she's into and it helps make her feel good. so be it. but I keep wondering why would you people think i would really care about someone elses tattoo that i dont even know. I barely care about the ones the people I DO know have. any way Jordan congrats on the weight loss.

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