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Inside Pamela Anderson's 44th Birthday Party

Pam Anderson celebrated her 44th birthday this weekend in Las Vegas -- and did it wearing something most 44-year-old mothers of two would never wear.

In typical Pam fashion, she showed up to Chateau on Saturday night wearing a crazy short, lacy, lingerie-inspired number with a corset putting her famous assets on full display.

Pam and a group of over 40 friends celebrated inside the club's VIP area, where they sipped on Grey Goose vodka and Ace of Spades Champagne. Pam also looked pretty excited about her pink and black birthday cake.

Though she partied over the weekend, her birthday was actually on July 1.

Comments (8)

jpierce26:  1280 days ago

I wish she would stop penciling on her eyebrows. It makes her whole face look so bad. If she had fuller ones, she would look soooo much better! Great body though for 44!

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Len:  1280 days ago

She looks fantastic for 44. I love her!

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albs:  1279 days ago

i'd still jerk off to that

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Kiss My Ass:  1279 days ago

She is so washed up!!!

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Dolly:  1279 days ago

Pam Anderson looks awesome & i think she is so beautiful with blonde hair or dark hair cos when she started out she had brown hair & just had that beauty look !!!

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bctrousdale66:  1279 days ago

Looks about same as Dolly now.

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Len:  1268 days ago

She looks so beautiful now better than women half her age. And aside from the breasts and lightened hair she is a natural beauty, very rare these days. She was very hot before she did anything to herself. Go Pam, you are the best!

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Neek:  1256 days ago

Pamela Anderson is so beautiful, so sexy, so attractive! You are gorgeous Pammy! You make everybody crazy! Pamela is my “Goddess Of Sex”! I am proud of the fact that I fall in love with Pamela Anderson! When do you invite me to hug you hard Babe? I’m thirsty for a kiss of your tempting lips Pammy!

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