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Hollywood's Top Earning Actors -- Who Tops Forbes' List?

Will Smith didn't star in a single movie last year, yet he still pocketed a whopping $36 million.

That placed him fourth on Forbes' annual list of Hollywood's Highest Earning Actors. Smith made less than half of the top earning star -- Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio earned $77 million from May 2010 to May 2011, mostly thanks to two films -- "Shutter Island" and "Inception." Last year he was ranked fifth.

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It's no surprise Johnny Depp took the second spot. He earned an estimated $50 million from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides."

Comedians helped round out the rest of the top 10. Adam Sandler came in third with $40 million, Ben Stiller came in sixth with $34 million, and Tim Allen came in tenth with $22 million -- mostly from "Toy Story 3," which also boosted no. 5 Tom Hanks' income significantly.

Veteran Tom Cruise tied Allen for 10th with $22 million. Lying just outside the top 10 were Jim Carrey, Daniel Craig, Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt (all earning around $20 million).

For your information, Pitt was out-earned last year by both his current and former flames: Angelina Jolie was the top-earning actress with $30 million, while Jennifer Aniston made $28 million.

As for Will Smith, acting is now a family business. He made his millions off of the success of his son Jayden's "Karate Kid" remake (the elder Smith produced). Next year, expect Smith's income to get a big boost when "Men in Black III" comes out.

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(the elder Smith produced)

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MadMax:  1278 days ago

Hell No! I have witnessed first hand the so called "hard work" these "A" list stars do on set. Most of these people barely walk to the set but are practically driven to the spot they need to stand on for a scene. It's the extras who do all the "frontline work", the crews who work their arses off moving and shuffling equipment around and setting up for the next scenes as well as breaking all that stuff back down in all weather conditions. Do they earn the ability to make big bucks? I think so but like Sports Athletes today, their wage demands have gotten out of control which has been NOT placed onto the studios and its investors who cave in to these demands but rather handed down to the consumer like most inflationary raises thus putting the movie theaters in a position to make it's money on selling popcorn, candy, and soda as if you're out on a dinner date without the actual meal! Also to add, putting smaller movie theaters out of business that don't have the backing others have. It's just gotten out of control in my personal opinion and experience.

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MadMax:  1278 days ago

And to add one more comment; I'm not saying to run out and create legislation against it because I dont beleive that fixes anything but rather see the studios step up and put a stop to this because it's really in their hands at the end of the day.

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Knowledge Seeker:  1264 days ago

How crazy is it that these talented performers can bank so much cash just for doing something they love. I wonder what it would be like to be in their shoes as many have I am sure for even one day. My film addiction has been active since childhood and I take it quite seriously in the form of character and actor development on a blog I write for. I love to analyze the development of the actor’s career just as much as I love watching the making of a character for any given film. I need better access to films so I can get older works that can play into that chronological order of achievement. A friend and I who both work for Dish Network were discussing the fact that Blockbuster has been changing quite a bit lately providing more options making it easier to get film. Losing due dates and late fees is a big deal for me since they were always making a lot of money off me due to that exact reason. Now I have the time to research a film in detail using other options for my study of the actor.

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