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Check Out Katy Perry's Shocking Dye-Job

Katy Perry's gone pink!

media_removed_toofab 102011
While the "Last Friday Night" singer has probably worn a pink wig or two in the past, this time she made it semi-permanent -- popping up at a gas station in Los Angeles yesterday with her hair dyed the cotton candy color.

Katy's hair has gone through a couple transitions this summer, starting off black before getting stripped to red and then bleached to blonde. It seems like this may have been the end game from the beginning.

media_removed_toofab 102011
What do you think of Katy's pink hair? Check out more pink haired stars below!


Comments (2)

RedMystique:  1239 days ago

this is her hair probably being stripped of color so she can put in a lighter color. That in between sucks. Some dark colors have to be changed gradually. You can't just go from black to blonde.

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MikeWon:  1239 days ago

The 'Smurf' dress picture displays the best Katy Perry ever!

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