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Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Beach Body!

Mariah Carey is ready for the beach!

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The new mom squeezed into a black one-piece bathing suit today, posting the above photo just moments ago on her Twitter -- saying "Ocean work out! It's been a loooong time since I've been in the ocean."

Carey, who gave birth to twins back in April, hit the surf for the first time since having a baby, showing off her slimmed down frame.

Lookin' good Mimi!

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Wocka:  1272 days ago

Squeezed is right. Mariah needs to stay in the house for awhile and fast.

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jocelyn:  1272 days ago

Wocka: You are an ass, she has always been curvaceous in a beautiful way, her babieS as in TWINS are less than 3 months old and I highly doubt that you beat her in the beauty department. Keep your negativity to yourself.

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Yvonne:  1272 days ago

She just had twins a couple of months ago, no need to be vicious. She actually looks very pretty.

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Greygoose125:  1272 days ago

Mariah looks great for a new mom - she will be back at her old weight before you know it - good for her!

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weezie:  1272 days ago

has anyone even seen pictures of her babies? i was just wondering.

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Jac:  1272 days ago

She looks great. Motherhood has made her even more beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors - never forget that.

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roonie:  1272 days ago

I never thought she was pretty at all and she has never been a small girl either.

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lola:  1272 days ago

Every site you go to, there are always spammers. That **** is annoying.
P.S. Mariah looks good. Love you MiMi.

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rini6:  1272 days ago

Actually, years ago, she was skinny a d I think she's been too chunky since then. But everyone has their own taste.

She definitely gained weight with the pregnancy, which is understandable. However, why is this picture touted as a pic of her "body" when, obviously, the water is hiding a lot?

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Courtney:  1272 days ago

@Jocelyn the twins are just over 3 months old they were born on her and Nick's wedding anniversary April 30th and this picture was taken August 2nd get your math straight. I wish the paps would leave her alone once in a while she hasn't been able to swim for about 6 months because the last months of her pregnancy were spent on bed -rest because of multiple hospitalizations for pre-term labor. no the twins weren't premature they were born as close to their due date as possible and were on oxygen in the nicu for a week because of normal newborn breathing issues. she's also nursing so she was going to lose the pregnancy weight quicker than a mother who isn't nursing give her a break she's never been Anorexic like Rachel Zoe or Nicole Richie are and she's muscular which weighs more than fat does & 5'9" so target weight for her is 150lbs and right now she's about 171 having lost about 60lbs from her pregnancy and has to keep 10 of whats left until she weens the twins

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Frisco :  1271 days ago

Mariah is not that FIERCE people..She really does need to fast. I hope she didnt breast feed her twins monsters. She is a HOT MESS.

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Keisha:  1271 days ago

Wow Courtney,
How long have you and Mariah been bff's? You sure seem to know a lot of personal information about her. Sounds pretty stalkerish to me. I think she was too big before she got pregnant and this pic shows nothing but a big woman in a shapewear swimsuit and water covering the bottom of her body. As far as the Papparazzi leaving her alone, she is a fame whore and she lives for this stuff so you're not doing her any favors putting that wish out there. Btw, might I suggest leaving the celebrity stalking alone and getting a life?

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Monique:  1271 days ago

People if you don't like what or whom your looking at stop opening the link!!! She just had 2 babies give her a break motherhood is a hard job!! Til you've walked a mile don't judge....

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Kristen:  1271 days ago

Yea wowww Courtney! stalker? haha

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Sasha:  1271 days ago

Some people are just ignorant to the zillion power..but that's americans for you a bunch of HATERS, always fault finding. Mrs Cannon (mariah) was in good physical shape before she became pregnant. You try being 41 and give birth to twins? Geesh, give her a break, she is a fine sexy looking woman and plenty of you female haters with husbands and/or boyfriends-your men will jump over you to get at her if they could without you knowing about it, that's real talk PEOPLE. She will lose further weight when she wants and has too, right now she is still fine as wine, if you don't think so ask you boyfriend and/or husband if he ain't afraid to tell you the truth as is wife because you're insecure, he will tell mariah is truly one of the prettiest females inthe business on earth. So none of y'all HATERS could hold a match to Mariah even when she was 9 months pregnant. Get over yourshelf.

To Mariah, I wish you and your family total happiness, your husband Mr. cannon, and the twins. Can't wait for your next CD..forget these insecure haters.

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