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See Inside Will & Jada Pinkett Smith's Massive Malibu Home

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are opening up their home for the cameras -- all 25,000 square feet of it!

Will and Jada, their kids Willow and Jaden and Will's son Trey all appear in next month's issue of Architectural Digest, where they show off their massive Malibu home.

Smith says it was all done by hand ... just not his. "We wanted to feel the love and labor that went into every piece of this place," he says of the hundreds of woodworkers, plasterers, metalsmiths, stonemasons and upholsterers who contributed in building the home.

Check out a sneak peek of the adobe home above and see more photos when the September issue hits newsstands.

Comments (11)

Yoli Smith:  1276 days ago

His house is not in Malibu is in Thousand Oaks, CA. His oldest son goes to Moorpark High. I know people that worked there n he always complaint about the noise, dah is construction of course there's gonna be noise.

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jwow:  1276 days ago

I was at there home for a wedding yes it is in malibu canyons get a clue yoli and its beautiful but Jada is not so nice Will is more down to earth then her

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Janice:  1276 days ago

It's nice if you actually live in it

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Tigerman:  1276 days ago

There goes the neighborhood...

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Matt:  1276 days ago

Yoli Smith, you can't even read duh! The house they are living IS called " Malibu " which is they NAME it dumbass! Did you ever look at the map ? Malibu is in California and it's near Thousands Oak..

you fail :)

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Get a Nose Job, please!!!:  1276 days ago

Just shows you can have lots of money but NO class. Will seems like a nice guy but Jada is so full of herself.

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IMO:  1276 days ago

the spelin and gramer on this page is atroshus.

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rose dawson:  1275 days ago

Celebrity homes are so ridiculous. They look more like museums than warm & cozy homes. It's all about proving how much money u have at the moment even if u end up broke in the long run due to unnecessary spending. A chess set in the livingroom? Really? Ten bucks says none of them can even play chess lol. Will seems cool but Jada looks like a ghetto bi*ch who thinks her sh*t don't stink.

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tina harris:  1275 days ago

Will is more down to earth. He is from philly and you appreciate everything that you have but jada on the other hand that a different story.

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adana:  1275 days ago

who the **** cares

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kim:  1274 days ago

I dont know where you get your info on Moorpark High but he goes to Oaks Christian and is a football player there.

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