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'Jersey Shore' Girls Go Glam with Sexy Shirtless Models

The girls of "Jersey Shore" are rocking a more glamorous look in the new issue of YRB Magazine -- and ditching The Situation's abs for the buff bods of some sexy male models!

Snooki, Sammi and Deena all took part in the photo shoot done by celebrity photographer and "The A-List: New York" star Mike Ruiz, where they traded their regular Ed Hardy gear for evening wear.

The issue hits newsstands tomorrow, but you can check out the interview over at

For more of Ruiz's work, check out his Facebook page!

Comments (7)

Lady Camille:  1279 days ago

They should dress like this more often.

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Keith:  1279 days ago

Three little pigs and not a brain between them

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Merv the Perv:  1278 days ago

There's some serious PhotoShopping going on here.

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spacey:  1277 days ago

I agree about the photoshopping/retouching. They are looking much slimmer than all those calorie filled alcoholic drinks have been showing on them!

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LOoks:  1275 days ago

They look great stop hating Snooki lost a lot of weight duh!

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Courtney:  1251 days ago

I think whopever wrote that about their weight is wrong, bc ALL you can see is their arms! U can't tell how big any of their stomachs are! They are all beautiful.

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amanda maldonado:  1201 days ago

niice photo but sammiie is ugly !!!!!!!!

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