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'Toddlers & Tiaras' Star: Spray Tanned to Look Like Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles is someone a lot of young girls probably aspire to be -- but this girl from "Toddlers & Tiaras" may be the only one who spray tans to look more like her!

On tonight's episode, little Ali is seen getting sprayed to look just like her idol, telling the TLC camera "I like tanning so I can get brown like Beyonce."

Ali also dresses like her in the sneak peek, wearing a wedding dress like the one Beyonce wore to the 2009 BET Awards.

FYI: Spray tans are common practice for full glitz pageants. "Toddlers & Tiara's" airs tonight on TLC.

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willslove:  1274 days ago

what the hell is wrong with people? how does her mother not see a problem with this? there is nothing wrong with thinking african americans are pretty or having beyonce as a role model but to spray tan your child so she can pretend like she's african american? seriously? she's four! there is something seriously wrong with these mothers. how long is she going to wait to tell her child that she will never "look like beyonce"? these parents are doing nothing more than setting their children up for a lifetime of disappointment and therapy.

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reita collins:  1274 days ago

I LOVE IT!! I'd like to share this with Lil'Wayne and the Tea Party!

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c:  1274 days ago

these are the little girls sick ass men see as women cuz of the way they dress them, make up, hair, come on! let them be babies

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Sarah:  1274 days ago

I completely agree with willslove. The poor kid is never going to accept herself the way she is. I truly believe this is a form of child abuse. Wake up parents! This isn't some harmless fantasy you're temporarily indulging. It seems like being in the limelight is more important than the mental and emotional health of the children. Well, just wait a few more years and they'll be on a therapy reality show.

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michelle:  1265 days ago

how do you enter i went to know my name is michelle cortez find me in facebook

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Dymples:  1249 days ago

I'm sorry little girl(and by extension, your parents) but you will NEVER be black! STOP TRYING!

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