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'Jersey Shore' Star Jwoww -- Too Skinny?

The cast of "Jersey Shore" was back in action last night on MTV -- but one of them looked completely different!

Jwoww surprised fans of the show with a pretty shocking weight loss and different-looking face during the premiere (above) -- and they were vocal about it on Twitter.

One user tweeted "omg jwoww lost alot of weight! she looks weird," another adding "Yea she looked too small! & her face looked really tight."

Most crushing of all was this tweet: "I liked JWoww much better when he played Lord Voldemort."

It wasn't all disses for Jwoww though, with a fan tweeting "Why's everyone saying jwoww looks horrible now!! I think she looks better than ever" ... and another saying "JWOWW looks better every season."

As a comparison, check out a promo shot for Season 4 ... and back in Season 1 in 2009.

What do you think of her new look? Sound off below -- and check out the gallery for more stars with surprising weight losses.

Comments (74)

Kelsey:  1277 days ago

She looks fine. Stop scrutinizing every little change..

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Mary:  1277 days ago

For crying out loud, her boyfriend is a personal trainer. She works out with him. This is why girls are so worried about their looks because Hollywood always scrutinize everyone because they gain weight and because they loose weight. If they loose or gain weight, let them be, they are human too.

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Dawn:  1277 days ago

Lay off, she looks beautiful. My goodness, I only wished I looked so good. Good bless to her, I only wish her the best. There will always be those who will wish her nothing but badness...but be careful Karma is always lurking!

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VC:  1277 days ago

She looks fantastic.

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sarah:  1277 days ago

I go to the gym everyday and work my ass off to achieve what she has already acheived. Good for her.

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Amanda:  1277 days ago

Dawn, "badness" isn't a word.

She looks great, a little too much work done on her face which makes her look older than she is but she's hot.

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Kathy:  1277 days ago

I think she looked awesome! She's growing up. Everyone changes. Apparently, she's really been working on being healthy and exercising. She worked hard to look that good and it's a slap in her face to scrutinize her. Geez...

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E:  1277 days ago

That's what cocaine does to you.......... Welcome to the celebrity world

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jennah:  1277 days ago

her body looks great although her face is gaunt

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JiLL1:  1277 days ago

The weight loss doesnt bother me. Her figure is fine but her FACE. Good grief. What did she do? The eyebrows are super thin and almost too high up and something is off with her face overall

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cass:  1277 days ago

I honestly don't believe how stupid people are being. your face does not become that tight to the point that it barely moves from just weightloos. she got work done on her face definitely.

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B~man:  1277 days ago

2 words......poppin pills. You can hear it in her voice people. She's on something...........PERIOD

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LUKE LONDON:  1277 days ago

And i bet u all them haters are fat people

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Kev the Realist:  1277 days ago

Who cares about these jerks. They are still stupid, ignorant and useless to society. Anyone who looks up to these patehtics losers is just as vapid as they are. Hopefully their fleeting fame will go far way and they can go back to working minimum wage jobs.

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kelli:  1277 days ago

I was really shocked to see her face the way it is. It actually made me concerned. Her cheeks look sunken in ( not talking about this photo, when i watched the show w/o all that makeup on). Her body actually doesn't look different to me, just her face. She can stay fit without having that sunken look in her face. Makes me wonder if she is eating, but I really think she had work done on her face, I mean,she had her boobs done. Fame has obviously gotten to them, she probably wanted more surgery etc. I also know drugs play a part in how your face looks etc. I doubt it's that, but you never know,especially with reality shows like this. I've grown up knowing many people addicted to drugs, and their face looks all bone... I'm not hating on her, I loved how she looked back in the beginning, before all they became way too famous than what they should.. I'm just concerned with the way she looks.

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