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Nick Jonas Kisses Celeb 20 Years Older Than Him!

Nick Jonas just keeps getting older and older with the ladies he's locking lips with -- and this weekend in Hollywood, he was kissing a woman 20 years his senior!

There's no real love connection here though, as Jonas planted a wet one on 38-year-old Marissa Jaret Winokur during a celeb-cast performance of "Hairspray" at the Hollywood Bowl last night.

Jonas' real-life girlfriend, 26-year-old Delta Goodrem, was in the audience for the show -- and Nick, who played Link Larkin in the production, set the young girls in the audience into a frenzy whenever he walked on stage.

Winokour played originally played Tracy Turnblad on Broadway before going on to "Dancing with the Stars" and host "Dance Your Ass Off."

The show also included John Stamos, Corbin Bleu, Drew Carey, former "American Idol" contestant Diana DeGarmo and Harvey Fierstein.

Check out the photos above.

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Courtney:  1269 days ago

Um that's part of being an actor You're not always gonna be cast opposite someone your own age and By the way Marissa and Nick are 19 years and 7 1/2 months apart she was born February 2nd 1973 and he was born September 16th 1992. that's like David Wayne was born January 30th 1914 and played Ralph White Opposite Joanne Woodward in 1957's Three Faces Of Eve and she was born February 27th 1930 so was 16 years his junior and she won the best actress oscar for that

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Keisha:  1269 days ago

Former American idol contestant Todrick Hall is also in the musical. He is seen in some of the photos and recently did a target flash mob To Beyonce's end of time song.

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