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Celebrities' Real Names Revealed

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood weren't born with them.

Take Tom Cruise. His name just sounds cool, unlike Thomas Mapathor IV.

Kirk Douglas sounds like a name a leading man would have. Issur Danielovich Demsky? Not so much.

Actresses change their names too. Natalie Portman and Olivia Wilde roll off the tongue much easier than Natalie Hershlag and Olivia Cockburn.

We've picked 20 actors who have changed their names. Can you guess their identities? Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to play along.


How many did you guess correctly?

Comments (3)

Courtney:  1268 days ago

Sophia Scicolone became Sophia Loren after she won a beauty pagent Olivia Mary Fontaine became Olivia De havalind Archabald Leach Became Cary Grant Wayne James McMeekan became David Wayne Patsy Neal became Patricia ect. at one time if your name sounded to ethnic the studios tried to force you to change it as Warner Brothers did with Paul Newman and he refused to let his name be changed

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amg:  1265 days ago

Courtney, punctuation is your friend...

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Keith:  1262 days ago

Amg,punctuation is your only friend. Jerk!

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