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Frances Bean Cobain: All Grown Up and Gorgeous!

Believe it or not, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter turns 19 next week -- and in a new photo shoot, Frances Bean Cobain is looking more gorgeous and adult than ever.

Designer/photographer Hedi Slimane recently posted a series of black and white photographs of Frances on his website, showing her in all her heavily tattooed, semi-goth and 100% stunning glory.

We're seeing a lot of Courtney in these photos -- how about you?

For the full series, check out Hedi's website.

Comments (12)

i'mBlaž:  1266 days ago

I dunno.....she has her Mom's chin, but other than that I am not seeing Courtney in her.
She is stunning! The photography is stunning too.

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alwayssurprised:  1266 days ago

Beautiful, she has great artistic gene's. Just beautiful

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Steve Garner:  1266 days ago

I Saw this story yesterday at she is very pretty!!! I can't wait to see what kind of things she is going to give to the world. Shes a talented artist and i heard she is going to sing.

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Jo:  1266 days ago

She ended up with Courtney's original nose but other than that she looks a lot like Kurt. She's beautiful though and I wish only good things for her!

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tina kelly:  1266 days ago

Too many tattoos; I thought she rode horses and hated her mother? She's pretty; sorta think the smoking pics aren't that interesting. Go grunge!

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Katie:  1266 days ago

Just wondering, did she have her nose done?

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cindy:  1266 days ago

beautiful girl too bad her photo's are spoiled by the cig in her mouth:-(

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Bob the Builder3000:  1266 days ago

She's very pretty now, but she's also already had plastic surgery. So far, it looks great, but she could end up all mangled like her mom, if she doesn't slow down with it. Her lips aren't naturally that big, and that's not her original nose, much less Courtney's original nose. She also has breast implants now.

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IMeanWhat:  1261 days ago

It must be all sorts of difficult to live up to the legacy of her father, Kurt Cobain, having had such an enormous impact of our cultural landscape. That, coupled with her incredibly koo-koo mother, Courtney Love, who has overshadowed anything that Frances Bean Cobain has set out to do by her sheer koo-koo-ness

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Shell:  1251 days ago

She's stunning. She looks like her father. Haunting.

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Staceyann Dolenti:  1240 days ago

She looks just like her mom w/ dark hair.

Staceyann Dolenti

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