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'Idol' Winner Scotty McCreery: See His First Music Video!

Scotty McCreery is taking the next big step in his career since winning "American Idol" -- by releasing his first real music video!0809_scotty_large

Late last night, McCreery dropped the video for his first single, "I Love You This Big," showing the North Carolina native singing on stage in a park in front off some dancing couple and fireworks.

Scotty filmed the music video while also touring with the rest of the "American Idol" cast, including runner-up Lauren Alaina -- whose clip for "Like My Mother Does" also released this week.

Check out Alaina's video below:

Whose video do you like better?

Comments (32)

Tammy:  1266 days ago

I like Lauren's video better. They are both very talented and I hope they are able to stay true to themselves and have much success in the country music industry!

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Mandy:  1266 days ago

I love Lauren's video. Scotty's is good too but Lauren gets my vote. I love that 2 more great country stars have come from American Idol!

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jolee:  1266 days ago

both are very good
i like scotty's the best

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phembaby:  1266 days ago


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carol:  1266 days ago

They are both great, but different. Scotty's is more mature where Lauren's is sentimental. Very happy for them both!

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Sam:  1266 days ago

Both are going to go along way in their career. BUT I do like Lauren`s video/song allot better...

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janice:  1266 days ago

I enjoyed both of the videos. I wish them all the success in the world.

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Dixick:  1266 days ago

I like Lauren's video by a country mile!

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Bobbie:  1266 days ago

I love Scotty's video.
Lauren's is nice but I think when women are pretty as Lauren is it seems nicer to the "eye".
Good Luck to both but Scotty is awesome!!!!!!!

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pam white:  1266 days ago

I like Lauren's best...Congrats to both of them!

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PaullyD:  1266 days ago

Scotty's my man, but I like Lauren's video and song better. I love them both and waiting for some more songs, but Lauren gets my vote this time. Man, she really sings that song. Love it.

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Kate:  1266 days ago

Always enjoy listening to Scotty. Genuine feel good music.

About time.

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JJ:  1266 days ago

Both of these singers are very talented. The songs on the other hand are both horrible.

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dreed9155:  1266 days ago

Can't choose. I like both the videos for different reasons. These two are going to reach for the stars. I am sooooo excited for them both.

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Joy:  1266 days ago

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SCOTTY'S VIDEO BETTER. Lauren's is way too sappy. Both kids will do well in the country genre. LOVE SCOTTY THIS BIG.

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