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First Look at Selma Blair's Newborn Son!

Selma Blair gave birth to a baby boy two weeks ago -- and today, we're getting our first look at the adorable Arthur!

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Blair and baby daddy Jason Bleick were seen walking through Beverly Hills today, where Arthur Saint Bleick peeked through his car seat to make his debut.

Arthur was born on July 25th in L.A. ... after what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever.

He was 7 lbs., 12 oz.

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Courtney:  1267 days ago

baby Arthur is a cutie but to correct you Too Fab he was born July 25th not the 26th. it's not uncommon for first pregnancies to go overdue Shawn Cassidy for example was born a month late 53 years ago only 5% of the live births in the US are actually born on time annually 80% are late and 15% are early if your talking about single pregnancies if your talking twins 85% are early 10% are late and 5% are on time. besides 7lbs 12oz isn't huge for a full term late newborn the healthy weight range is from 6lbs to 9lbs 8oz besides a normal healthy single pregnancy goes between 38-42 weeks and Selma is short 5'3" so she only loked bigger because she was all belly and probably gained about 40lbs not uncommon for a healthy first pregnancy my mom who is the same height as Selma had a complicated pregnancy with me 27 years ago and gained 65lbs because of it and I was 12 days late and weighed 1oz less than Arthur 7lbs 11oz

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anonymous:  1267 days ago

It's obvious they had the baby covered up and didn't have him on display. The paparazzi are disgusting s*** and the websites that publish photos like these have no soul.

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Athena:  1265 days ago

Seriously paparazzi? This is one of the most desperate shots I've ever seen. Let his woman have her privacy!

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