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Rebecca Black Has 'Talent' -- Performs 'Friday' Live!

Rebecca Black hit the stage of an unlikely reality show to perform on last night: “America’s Got Talent.”

Black did a mashup of her new single "My Moment" and infamous hit "Friday" on Wednesday night's episode -- and she actually sang both live, while "dancing" with backup dancers.

The 14-year-old recently withdrew from her school in Anaheim Hills, CA to be homeschooled by her mother after constant teasing from her classmates.

"When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice," she told ABC News. "Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Check out the performance above.

Comments (11)

Judy:  1269 days ago

I will never understand why this girl or song is a bog deal. It is seriously one of the worst songs I have ever heard.

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A.M.D:  1269 days ago

I think she's adorable. Practice, practice and before you know it she'll be awesome.

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Deb:  1269 days ago

What ever happened to talent?

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Mam:  1269 days ago

You guys are so rude to her. Atleast she's trying to make something of her life at 14 years old.

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bunny:  1269 days ago

That was really bad but I commend her for her passion. I think a different record company needs to sign her because the one she's with (with her new song) made her sound horrible. At least double or triple her voice so it sounds more polished. Toss the girl a bone.

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Winter55:  1269 days ago

I've never heard of her til last night on one of those primetime shows, and I have to say that her voice is simply awful. I'm not trying to be mean but there are a lot of kids with talent out there and she is not one of them. But of course what do I know, she'll probably become the next big thing like Bieber.

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money mac:  1268 days ago

Must have missed the show that all the people badmouthing her were on. I know everyone one of them are more talented and have been on t.v. performing in front of the world. OH they haven't

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Jaysson:  1268 days ago

Still terrible. No matter what she does, it will still suck badly until she learns how to actually sing. It rarely comes naturally, and obviously she isn't a natural. What she should be doing is going to school, taking music lessons, and planning for college; not wasting everybody's time with this crap.

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chops:  1268 days ago

Hey Mam and Money Mac: are you saying that if you haven't actually physically done it yourself, you have no right to expect standards of entertainment? Because I thoroughly disagree with that.
Guess what, I have never been a pop star. Guess what else, I trained as a classical singer for a decade. Guess what one more time, this girl is extremely bad at what she does. 'Making something of her life at 14' is not recommended. You don't NEED a career when you are 14. If you have one, it should be because you are unbelievably good at it, not because someone paid money to get you there. Fame without talent discredits the idea of performance all together.

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Ross:  1268 days ago

parents and producer trying to sell us something and make money but the funny part here is that he success is due to bad songs she is singing. Her singing and lyrics are on family circle level. I do not say she does not have talent but I just say she has being exploit and exposed with something which should not reach any public other then her school or kid parties. Trying to be famous and sucessfull could be ok if it is not so rediculously bad. The poor girl is manipulated by ambitious parents not understanding she is making a fool of herself. One advise - make a good song with good lyrics arange the music professionally and then produce and try to sell...

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kim:  1250 days ago

she cant sing

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