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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Road to the Altar

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries will wed in a lavish ceremony this Saturday.

In honor of the occasion, TooFab takes a look back at their whirlwind romance and engagement (he proposed back in May).

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button to see more photos of the soon-to-be-newlyweds.


Will their marriage last? Tell TooFab in the comments below!

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christy:  1261 days ago

Not a fan of Kim! She is a snob! Doesn't anyone get the real reason the wedding is so soon? She is afraid she is going to get dumped again when he figures her out. He's in it for the $$$$! Get real do you think he really picked out and paid for that ring himself?! No way! She bought that ring and it was no surprise! She wasn't going to left her sister have a bigger diamond. And OMG the demanding wedding rules for guest, give me a break. The reported 20 million wedding tab...her mom Kris has been working hard to get all the stuff donated. Good luck to the new mister, you should have spoke to Reggie first. Congrats to you Reggie for having your eyes wide open and running from this self absorbed queen.

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Dan:  1260 days ago

Got to for wedding tips

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Lori:  1260 days ago

This is what the world has come too. I wish kim and kris luck, although I am sick about the money that is being spent let alone flonted in front of all our faces. I 2 am getting married in a few months, its discusting how someone has to have millions and millions of dollars worth of jewerly let alone a ceremony that will be no different than mine. As I pinch each penny to be able to afford my dress, I kno in my heart that the man I am marring will be forever. We've know'n each other a few years and have already tested the water. So many people go without as we sit back and watch those that have an unexplained amount of money, and for what? Who is worth millions? No person is worth that kind of money unless u have a cure for cancer. This world is ****** up if U ask me!! I give them 2 years........cheers Kimmie!!

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elbony:  1260 days ago

No really why do anyone care what shes doing wtf she just has a cute face people

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I.E.:  1260 days ago

I wish them nothing but the best. Reggie didn't run it was Kim that left. Reggie is the one dating a Kim look-a-like. He knew he had a good thing and blew it.
Kim and Kris best wishes to you both on your wedding day.
To the rest of the all show what being a family is like when someone in your family is being mistreated, kudos!

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nicole:  1260 days ago

you all have no shame,you all are spot light whores,KIM shameless, mother worse this marriage reckless where are his parents to protect him you are about to be woman handle you cant by love fake always shows and you are about to be the butt of everyone's jokes as you are already this compition thing that is going on in this family is going to destroy it and when it happen's their have them self's to blame love scott he's not a kiss up this family needs an intervention DR DREW YOU ARE NEEDED AND DR PHIL anyone that they cant controll has to go thank GOD reggie has a mother that cares and he got out that mess call kim her man slave now is going to need a pray and alot of it money and fame doesn't make you happy remember that let love happen don't force it

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Ashley:  1260 days ago

I enjoy watching the Kardashians. They are living the good life and we are all jealous. Chris is a mastermind at getting good contracts for them. Did you see Chloe's prenup. Even if Lamar leaves her, she's set. Kim will make a beautiful bride as Chloe did. They will recup all the money they spend on airing the wedding in October. Chris is smart! Humphries seems nice, but I'm surprised Kim didn't want an entrepreneur like herself. I guess it used to be rockers that the Hollywood gals went for. Now it's sports people. He's big and can protect her from the paparazzi.

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lorena s.:  1260 days ago

congradulations to this lovely couple.i am sure all will go well. i hope little mason does well. i am sure he will. please if anything does not go as you wish. do not blame scott. everyone seems to blame him for everything.except bruce.kourtney just relax [you and scott are my favorites. TO ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY GOD BLESS YOUR OLDEST FAN[83]

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Boycott The Kardashians:  1260 days ago

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Becki:  1260 days ago

I just want to say Congratulations to Kim and Kris!..And I honestly wish them all the Best....I just hate the way people put Kim down. I think she is just the most beautiful woman. Her personality is very shy and she is by no means a "snob"!....This day belongs to her people. This is her dream, with the difference that she's able to make it come true...Who cares if she's paying for it? Her family is a true family with problems just like us...With the medling mother in law and sometimes chicken **** sisters!...But they love each other...They just happen to have MONEY!...But they work for it...Don't hate people!...It is us that's makes them popular....I think some people should glance in the mirror..and see how ugly jealousy makes you look.....

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charna maben:  1260 days ago

good luck to you

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ashley:  1260 days ago


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Jessica:  1260 days ago

Congrats to Kris and Kim. I can't believe that people are so negative. If they have the money to spend on there wedding than let them. I know if you had the money you would do the same. Who are we to say how much a person should spend on there big day. How is it her fault or any of her sisters that they found there niche in Reality TV (its called work). Everyone has the chance to do what your good at and make money, they just happen to be good as reality stars thats all. Plus Im sure all the money they are spending is helping the economy and business that maybe were slow are now working even if its only for a little while. Peace

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pam:  1260 days ago


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Keymonnee:  1259 days ago

I give it 2 years if that, I mean, come on people... She broke up with dumb A!? Reggie and then the other athelete; now this Kris guy... Mom Kris has sure pimped out he daughters and showed them how to be whores in between... It's all about money people... Look at how Bruce was married to someone else & was friends with the Kardashian's dad, but, now Kris their mom is married to him--WHORE tendencies @ it's best!!!

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