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Taylor Swift Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction


Taylor Swift suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing in front of fans Saturday night in St. Louis.

The country singer was performing her hit "You Belong With Me" when her blue halter dress blew up. Watch the eyebrow- and skirt-raising moment below!


Fortunately, fleshed-colored undergarments helped preserve the 21-year-old's modesty. She "swift"-ly held down her skirt and later fished out one piece that was still stuck ... all while singing.

She's a pro!

Comments (13)

Black Dude:  1265 days ago

Wow! Sweet young Taylor had A Marilyn Monroe Moment.
Since Im a dirty old man I have that image of her dress flying up perpetually in my head. Im gonna get a lot of mileage out of that.
Keep singing baby girl.

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NWA:  1265 days ago

What would we see from a flat chested but beautiful girl, I've seen better tits on fat men!

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RM:  1265 days ago

There is nothing remotely sexy about her, even when her dress flys up. She looks 12.

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AlishaLeigh:  1264 days ago

@ Black Dude:

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tim:  1264 days ago

hey anyone that says that she has no boob is a fool beside small boobs are alot better then big ones anyday of the week she very beautiful to be just 21yrs old ty

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jerkie:  1264 days ago

I hate friggin granny panties!!!

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Chrissy:  1264 days ago

Coming from another 21yr old, she handled this with more class and professionalism than most people would. Didn't miss a beat, just kept smiling and front of thousands of people all watching her...Good for you girl =)

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Ashley:  1264 days ago

Some of you guys are being inappropriate and rude. Not all, but some. Leave the girl alone.

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Baddog:  1264 days ago

I would crawl through a mile of hot broken glass just to pick up the phone and hear her fart ! : )

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First Timer:  1264 days ago

Another website sez it was a strategically placed 'wind machine' that blew up a blast of air for the specific purpose of blowing up her skirt.

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ya:  1264 days ago

you're disgusting

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Black Dude:  1262 days ago

Tay Swift is a pretty hot young girl and Yes I am inappropriate Ash!! Mabey u can help me with that stuff, give me your email and I will send u some "pictures"of me that were very artfully done.

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asdf:  1259 days ago

Whoo yeah, I'd like to dip my voodoo stick into that sweet forbidden fruit.

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