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'Bachelor Pad' Contestant Hit By Eggs for Being 'Least Attractive'

Being told you're ugly is bad enough -- but being ugly while being pelted in the back by a paint-filled egg, now that's just painful!

Last night on "Bachelor Pad" the female contestants were blindfolded and lined up while Chris Harrison asked the guys a series of questions like, "Who do you want to go home tonight?" The men would answer the question by throwing an egg at the person who best fit Harrison's description.

It was all fun and games ... until someone's feelings got hurt.

When Harrison asked "Who is the least attractive?" in the group, almost half the guys all went for the same target: "The Bachelor: Rome" star Erica Rose.

Erica broke down after the game, telling the camera "Knowing that people are not attracted to you, it's like so hurtful ... It was [physically] painful, but emotionally it's more painful ... I'm naturally very curvaceous and nothing on me is fake unlike half the girls here."

Clearly not humbled by the experience, Erica then added "It's hurtful if people are targeting me, especially when there's someone like Ella who's definitely way bigger than I am and I don't think she's that pretty."

Check out the cringeworthy video above.

Comments (46)

RM:  1261 days ago

This girl and her mom were on a Dr. Phil show about spoiled brats. She was so obnoxious and pathetic. However, I do feel for her in this situation.

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William:  1261 days ago

That was a question that should not have been asked. You want to have fun, but you do not want to demean the ladies on national television.

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Amy:  1261 days ago

Even though I agree with her being the least attractive of the girls, it was very hard to watch. I felt very bad for her until she started saying bad things about Ella. Then I realized that it's really her personality that makes her unattractive...and her stupid tiara!

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Rick:  1261 days ago

It's sad to realize that this is what our country has come to. No matter how angry I was at someone, I couldn't humiliate them on national TV. It would speak volumes to any guy who decided NOT to play this childish and hurtful game. Chris H., you sunk to a new low level by even hosting this shi#bag of a show.

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Mandy R Fausnaugh:  1261 days ago

Absolutely new low. How disturbing.

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amy:  1261 days ago

This is wrong for so many reasons. It's hurtful bullying, it is chauvinistic and backwards. Women have a hard enough time with self image without seeing this. Can you imagine any girls at all seeing this, let alone one in their teens or younger and what they will think of themselves? "If that beautiful girl isn't good enough - what about me?"

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Socorro:  1261 days ago

I love it! she is such a spoiled *itch. Finally, they told her the truth; she is ugly no money in the world will change that.....LOL!

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AJ810:  1261 days ago

The truth hurts. I thought it was funny as hell.

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Shannon:  1261 days ago

The question asked was actually "Who are you least attracted to?", not who was the least attractive....big difference!! Personality has a lot to do with how attractive a person is as well, and the girl who was pelted the most has such an abrasive personality that it masks any physical beauty she might really have!

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christina:  1261 days ago

just to let people know, this was done for both the men and women they didnt just pick on the women.

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carrie:  1261 days ago

Have people lost their collective minds? WHY WHY WHY would you go on a show that puts you down like that? Sorry but you asked for it if you signed up. Nothing surprises me anymore at the legnths one will go to for ratings or shock value, no wonder why our world is in such a sorry state.

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heather :  1261 days ago

oh she deserved it !! this b**ch was on YOU'RE CUT OFF on VH1 & she deserves everything coming to her!!! she knew what she signed up for !!

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Jloow213:  1261 days ago

sucks to be her, and even if the guys thought she was the least attractive she should know what she's worth right? i over read that shes a brat... but in what way? ill have to investigate that question, anyways dont let noone bring u down ! this is just a game.. you either play hard or go home!

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colleen:  1261 days ago

She is unattractive because of her personality morethan anything else.But, she doesn't see that in the mirror. on a side not..why do kids think bullying is okay? hmmmmmmmm

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demi:  1261 days ago

They went too far. Why didn't they do that to the men????

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