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Jennifer Love Hewitt 'Hurt' by Reaction to New Hairdo

Jennifer Love Hewitt debuted a new 'do yesterday in L.A. -- but not everybody was loving the look.

Hewitt showed off a shorter, darker haircut yesterday on her Twitter account, before stepping out and modeling it for the paparazzi while wearing a long, sheer skirt.

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We think it looks cute, but some of her fans on Twitter apparently didn't agree -- prompting JLH to tweet today "People who are not in favor of the new haircut kinda hurt my tweelings!:("

Hewitt says the cut is for a new movie role, but wouldn't elaborate on the project.

What do you think of her look? Sign off below and check out the gallery above to see Hewitt's ever-changing hair through the years!

Comments (97)

Criss:  1258 days ago

I think the new 'do looks really good on her. I don't know what these Twitter people's problem is. You look beautiful Jen!

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Diamond beauty:  1258 days ago

I love it girl!!!!

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nic:  1258 days ago

Agreed! I think it looks super cute and flattering on her, fits her face well and she still looks her age. People are ridiculous.. and anyone who actually tweeted something mean to her I bet wouldn't say it to her face, whack!

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Doug:  1258 days ago

looks great...I would date her !

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clarkins:  1258 days ago

The Press has not always been kind to Her, but I have always thought of her as a beautiful young lady. I she looks great. Ignore the haters

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DaMan:  1258 days ago

I luv her new hair style. She great to me. She is a very hotte lady.

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Bianca:  1258 days ago

I love the hairdo. She can get away with about anything. Love her!!

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Ken:  1258 days ago

I think you're stunning!!!

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Paul:  1258 days ago

Jen is gorgeous, no matter the "do".

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jan:  1258 days ago

people are so mean to her. It looks so cute, I love it!

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RM:  1258 days ago

It's not the's ok. She just has horrible fashion sense.

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Dawna:  1258 days ago

It's looks wonderful.. don't let some hater get to you..

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Erica:  1258 days ago

I think it looks great! The bangs are darling!

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lisa G:  1258 days ago

It kind of makes her look older. I think she's super cute but honestly lighter and longer works best for her.

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Marsy:  1258 days ago

I love the new hairdo. You look great Jennifer!

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