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Lauren Conrad Models Her Own Line for Kohl's

Lauren Conrad didn't just design her latest fashion line -- she's modeling it too!

The former star of "The Hills" strikes a pose in a number of California-cool clothes for the Fall 2011 lookbook of her LC by Lauren Conrad line at Kohl's.

With adorable pieces like a red and black polka-dot dress ($68), cute pleated skirts ($50), fur lined boots ($79) and even jewelry ($24), the line is her most complete yet.

Check out the looks above. Most items will be available to purchase at Kohl's stores or online this month or September.

What do you think of the newest from LC? Sound off below.

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Heather:  1260 days ago

I actually work at Kohl's and have bought several of LC's pieces. They are well made and are pretty true to size. Lauren has a great eye for fashion and many great pieces in her line.

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MissL:  1260 days ago

I think her clothes are nice and trendy!! I would def buy a couple items in her new line and have bought clohes from her LC line in the past.

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tori:  1260 days ago

I've never bought Lauren's clothes but all her items look very pretty and classy. Love her and all things Lauren!!

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LisaM:  1260 days ago

Her clothes look classy and feminine for women her age. It's so refreshing to see talent. I am hoping the young ladies of today, will dress classier and more sophisticated.

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Mel:  1260 days ago

Very cute. Wish I could wear these clothes but they are at department store prices and I live on a Walmart budget.

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AF:  1260 days ago

as great as they look, they'd look a lot better on my bedroom floor!
god that women is beautiful.

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Danielle:  1251 days ago

I love LC and I can't believe she has a line with my favorite brand!!! Been such a huge fan of her ever since her Laguna Beach days. She is such a breath of fresh air for a youngster. I just got my denim capris and tank in the mail with a sweet discount at They fit true to size and are beautiful!

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