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Amber Tamblyn Engaged to David Cross!

Amber Tamblyn is engaged ... to a much older man!

The "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" star will wed fellow actor David Cross. Her rep confirmed the news to Us Weekly.

Cross is best known for his comedic roles on "Arrested Development" and "Mr. Show." He's also been in over 40 movies.

Tamblyn, 28 and Cross, 47, began their May to December romance in 2008. Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see more celebrity couples who have major age differences.


The marriage is the first for both Tamblyn and Cross. No wedding date or details have been made public.

Congratulations to them both!

Comments (15)

jpierce26:  975 days ago

Loved him in Scary Movie!!! Why don't you clap for me, why don't you give me a standing ovation!!! ha ha ha classic.

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stu:  975 days ago bout the odd couple. U go Davey!
& i thought julia robberts & lyle lovett...

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Steve:  975 days ago

Us baldos are irresistible to the ladeez.

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Hetal:  975 days ago

This a twist crazier than her days as Emily from General Hospital!

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br:  975 days ago

I did not know that he was that rich, or she that unappealing to men

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Lori:  975 days ago

ummmm . . . I don't get it

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StevenB:  975 days ago

Oh, honey, you can do so much better.

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Ken Ritchie:  975 days ago

Hey that dude with Amber. Cradle robber!
Ken R.

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Eric:  975 days ago

Tobias... You blow hard!

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Spiny Norman:  974 days ago

Anyone surprised by this, I recommend you go read this author bio from his book two years ago:

Note that the picture on the book jacket isn't David Cross, it's Amber's dad!

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liz:  974 days ago

Awww, I'm so happy for them! I love David Cross and she seems like a wonderful lady!

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Anita Buchanan:  974 days ago

Isn't he the guy from Alvin and the Chimpmunks?
Like her. Him not so much.

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scott:  973 days ago

What in the HELL is she thinking!!! She's gonna marry that... talk about marrying down

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gina:  972 days ago

this is so strange! she is too young and pretty to be with him

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Ashley K:  972 days ago

Seriously????? Good thing they are mid grade B stars with some savings for their future kids' nose jobs and braces. Poor things. She could do much better.

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