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Tara Reid Tweets Honeymoon Photos with New Hubby!

Tara Reid is sharing her honeymoon happiness with all her fans -- by continually tweeting photos of her with her new husband!

Reid and husband of four days, Zack Keyahov, have been posted pictures together on Tara's Twitter account, along with one work exclamations like "Love," "Happiness" and "Peace."

Tara's been very active on her Twitter ever since landing in Greece with her man, sharing a bikini photo before the wedding, breaking the nuptial news there herself and posting a shot of her giant ring.

Check out everything she's shared so far above!

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tamara:  1259 days ago

why does she always look like crap? what is she on? she is going to be the next celeb to croke from an o.d. she used to be so pretty. ashamed what drugs and alcohol can do to a person. if i were her i would be so embarassed to even post these picts!

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paulinececil:  1255 days ago

Tara is also only capable of giving 3% raises.

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