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Video: Anne Hathaway Raps About the Paparazzi

Anne Hathaway has a secret talent: She can rap!

The star of the upcoming flick "The Dark Knight Rises," broke it down "in the style of Lil Wayne" last night on "Conan" -- busting a rap about paparazzi on the set of the movie, which is currently filming.

In the hilarious clip, Hathaway sings such lines as "I'm a paparazzi, I don't play no Yahtzee" and "Pop, pop, pop, scream all you want, won't make me stop!"

Conan O'Brien was impressed ... and so are we. Check it out!

Comments (11)

annie:  1262 days ago

I can die today and feel satisfied in the knowledge that I have now TRULY seen everything. Oy. This is a classic.

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solds:  1262 days ago


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Superman:  1262 days ago

Dumb! And so not classy.

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KNobody Jenkins:  1262 days ago

I mean she's cute and everything, but she might wanna cut back on the zoloft.

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Synthia:  1262 days ago

That is the most personality she has ever shown.

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Britni:  1262 days ago

I used to like Anne Hathaway but I truely think she is trying toooooo hard. That wasn't a rap!

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Cherofma:  1262 days ago

Anne Hathaway - you've got depth girl :)

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Tara:  1262 days ago

Thanks Ann, you made me laugh today! That was awesome :)

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Wendy:  1262 days ago

How fun, she is so cute!

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Cher:  1262 days ago

Ohh for crying out loud..the girl just having a bit of fun..she didn't say she is going to be a Rap Artist now, did she? Shhhsshh people lighten UP!

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Steve:  1260 days ago

I always liked Anne Hathaway and I think that she's playing briliant with her voice. Natalie Portman's rapsong is not bad but this is much better.

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