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Jennifer Love Hewitt Flaunts New Hair, Curves

Jennifer Love Hewitt sent a message to her haters.

After getting nailed for her new hair and fashion choices, the actress flaunted her new darker 'do and curves in a coral Herve Leger bandage dress.

Click on the "Launch Gallery" button below to see her complete look and Hewitt's various hairstyles through the years.


Hewitt was promoting her new indie film "Cafe," which centers around patrons at a cafe after a tragedy happens.

Do you like Jennifer's look? Tell TooFab in the comments below.

Comments (10)

Karen:  1259 days ago

LOVE it. She looks great!

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MJ:  1259 days ago

She looks like Jill Zarin from Real Housewives of New York

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USArmy:  1259 days ago

She is one good looking woman and I don't understand why some have a problem with her. Maybe they should look in the mirror at themselves.

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Joe Moncayo:  1259 days ago

I would absolutely hit that!!! I don't understand why the haters bee hatin'!

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Jeanie:  1259 days ago

Better than ever!

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juju:  1258 days ago

I think she looks beautiful!! People are too hard on her...she always looks so pretty.

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Kat:  1258 days ago

she always look so beautiful...not to mention that her figure is that of a REAL go Jennifer!!

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MTVixxen:  1257 days ago

Meh. She looks like a lot of the girls where I'm from (Montreal)

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TVsBucketofBolt:  1253 days ago

Been a huge fan of Love Hewitt since her Party of Five days. She's a Texas girl! Yee haw! Lovely woman, fantastic actress and real! Haters are nothing more than people who are jealous of her continued success. It's not an easy industry, yet she has managed to make a long successful career and I look forward to seeing the movie and other work she is doing and will do in the years ahead.

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f:  1253 days ago

What curves? It's irritating when magazines say that, SHES A SIZE 1 probably. Size 1's do not have curves!

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