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Inside Kim Kardashian's Wedding -- New Photos and Video!

Reality star Kim Kardashian couldn’t tie the knot without the cameras rolling.


E! cameras were on hand to tape every moment of her wedding to Kris Humphries (for their televised wedding special), and just released some footage from inside the A-list event.

A newly released clip shows footage from inside the Montecito estate where the two wed. The mood was definitely festive and light, with Kim's nephew and ring bearer Mason Disick needing a little coaxing down the aisle. Later, a beaming Bruce Jenner walked his step-daughter down the aisle, where a smiling Kris awaited.

Check it out below:

For even more details about Kim and Kris' wedding, from the celebrity guest list to the reception details, click here.

Comments (71)

snow white:  1219 days ago

Sorry but they just don't look real. Almost fake believe wedding and she's just playing dress up and wants attention. High rollers in vegas are betting it won't last.

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Rosie:  1219 days ago

so they air the royal wedding and not this one? WTF?

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d dub:  1219 days ago

As a wedding planner if you ask you guest to participate in the color scheme that is what they should.... If you ask them to wear black and white, expect some to wear white.... Kim's Mom and all her sisters were in ivory white as SHE requested.

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RIA:  1219 days ago


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jmcastell:  1219 days ago

It is truly something in this day and age that some people cannot do anything without everyone watching. Kim K. could and would not ever get married without it getting filmed for their TV show. It makes you wonder if she really loves the guy (I think not) or if she just needed the attention. Even though she HAS been married before, I guess Kourtney's pregnacy and birth of her son and Khloe's marriage to Lamar really put her in a bad spot and she felt the need to be in the spotlight because she felt she was fading into the background. Poor Kris. What a fool. I will give this "production" nine months to a year before she's filing for divorce. Since her wedding is over she'll be old news. What better way to get back in the spotlight - - a divorce ! Got to get him to cheat though so everyone will be on her side. LOL. We all know she's not going to get pregnant. She's too selfish to do that. When all else fails, another sex tape will do.

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kim:  1219 days ago

All the dresses are hideous. Kims especially. Kris dress looks like a 3 yr olds toddlers & tiaras dress. Kims head band was ridiculous. Whoever styled that did a terrible job - it was so obviously a necklace she decided to wear as headband and it just ended up looking like her necklace got stuck going over her head & she left it there.

Gaudy & tacky wedding & D list guests. I expected more but then again it is the KarTRASHians who have absolutely no taste or class.

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AJ:  1219 days ago

I can't believe some of you idiots believe this wedding is for real!!!

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Cbergen:  1219 days ago

I Will be surprised if this marriage lasts much longer than her first marriage did.
I think Kim, while a beautiful, hard working, and sweet young woman, really felt the pressure to get married before she turned into a spinster.
And, may I add, as Dr. Phil always says, people make it all about the "weddiing" instead of the 'marriage'. She needs a million dollar marriage relationship. Not a 20 million dollar wedding.
I've just celebrated my 45th wedding anniverary to the most wonderful man on this planet. I know.

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Ha ha:  1218 days ago

Where was her father? Why did that idiot Bruce Jenner walk her up the nave? (The aisles are on the side--look it up!). I would bet my house that this marriage will not last 5 years. Those K women are pathetic, albeit rich.

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Ha ha:  1218 days ago

oh i see, her father is dead.

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Tek:  1218 days ago

TMZ can you clear it up once and for all - This estate was NOT Google CEO Eric Schmidts! It's bugging the hell out of me. He lives up the street!

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Doris Robideau:  1218 days ago

Why do ppl that aren't really famous for anything besides having sex make everything about money? Sorry Kimyour just not that great. Most ppl are more concerned with the real issues of the world today besides ppl with to much money acting stupid to make sure that ppl keep paying attention to her. Get over yourself and get a real ife.

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Millie:  1218 days ago

First of all congrats to the happy couple and hope for their sake the marriage lasts.
The jealous word is so over used. who would be jealous of this woman or her family? it doesnt matter if they have alot of money because at the end of the day they do not really leave much to be desired by any person with a bit of common sense. they are not known for anything good; only for a father that helped a killer go free and a daughter who made a sextape which was possibly leaked out for fame. I admit they have done very well to make the amount of money they have,all because of the silly teenage girls buying their products and bored sad people like me watching their "reality" shows.Unfortunately the fame will not last and they will be forgotten in a few yrs just like the rest of those reality stars.

Shame they can't use that publicity to raise the profile of and help the poor children dying of starvation in Africa. And her little sisters who have are being brought to admire that empty type of lifestyle, stealing their dad's Cr.card to buy clothes and being so rude to him whie all he is trying to do is train them to be responsible adults;, how sad the human race is becoming. Shame on all the people who think that type of lifestyle is alright! Millie
Read more:

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Kandace Danielle:  1218 days ago

Kim is such an idol. She looks gorgeous !! i wish her and her hubby the best, because she deserves it. Her family is hilarious and so much fun to watch. I wish and pray everyday to have a fairytale life like theirs. They have such a real family, fights, making up ,and love. Their show means a lot to me. I have dreamed of being a model or in the entertainment industry for years ! But, my family has been to poor and I have it hard. But, not to damper the day... soooo happy for The whole family. Thank you for inspiring me everyday. good luck guys! xoxo Kandace Danielle.

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kim:  1218 days ago

She really could have turned haters views of her around if her and Kris asked for donations to charities instead of the gaudy, expensive registry they had.

Pathetic. I truly feel sorry for this family because all they care about is money money money. Somewhere along the way they lost touch with reality and what is important and that will come back to haunt them.

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