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Selena Gomez Raps Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass'

We knew Selena Gomez could sing. We knew she could act.

But who knew she could rap?

The pop star has been performing Nicki Minaj's hit "Super Bass" as part of her summer "When the Sun Goes Down" tour, dropping some impressive rhymes. Check out her performance from Hershey Park on Sunday, originally posted on YouTube:


Boom, badoom, boom, boom badoom, boom bass!

Given the young audience, one cuss word at the top was skipped and she replaced Nicki's name with her own at the end. Perhaps her beau Justin Bieber gave her some tips.

Comments (8)

emily:  1257 days ago

its the WE OWN THE NIGHT, tour...not WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN!!!

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M:  1257 days ago

The young lady's got game!!!!

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Duvalchick:  1257 days ago

GO Selena! I was shocked at how "on beat" she was! Gr8 job!

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Duvalchick:  1257 days ago

GO SELENA!! I'm shocked that she was able to do it. Nicki raps so fast on that track. She did her thang and held it down!

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Ray Roslewicz:  1257 days ago

Selena is sooooo prety & talented that she has the world wrapped around her finger.

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therockyb:  1257 days ago

RU guys fking kidding me? She sucked balls!

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JasminatorXoxo:  1221 days ago

Lmao. She's no Nicki Minaj. .. No one can do super bass like Nicki Minaj, why try?

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ana:  1128 days ago

selena gomez is amazing and her rapping is to

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